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Hi All, Well here it is Easter 2014 how time flies when you having fun. This is our second Easter running South Pacific Resort here at Beautifull Noosa and our time sailing seems like it was a lifetime ago. In some ways it feels like we actually did not even go. I really need to have a look at our past blogs, photos and videos to re focus the memory on just how fantastic our time sailing was. The incredible places we visited and the wonderfull people we met along the way. In saying that Noosa is not a bad place to be, we spent a couple of hours down by the river yesterday with some freinds and a couple of beers and  a glas of wine. It is certainly one of the most beatifull places in Australia and there were hundreds of other families enjoying themselves. Kids skateboarding, simming,
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Hi everyone, Things have been very busy here at South Pacific Resort, which is great. The resort has had a few record months in a row so we must be doing something right. It still isnt anything like the joy of sailing with your family, but atleast I do get to work in a beatifull place. Joanne and I have also been busy looking at houses with the aim of getting back into the property market before it climbs again and whilst interest rates are low. We were lucky enough to come across a lovely 5 bedroom house on 4.5 acers of farmland near the township of Eumundi (about 15 mins from Noosaville). It actualy settles this week, we plan to rent it out in the new year as we are still required to live onsite at the resort for the next 6-12 months. It is a long term goal to have a place to call
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Hi All, Well it has been three months since a started here at the South Pacific Resort min beautiful Noosa. As I said last time it is certainly a huge change for the whole family from living the cruising life. Not that it is that bad, just different. Mac has slipped straight back into school life, his grades have not  suffered so sailing didn't do him any harm at all. He is still not a big fan of homework, but who is? He is loving his music and has been upgraded to one of the second violinists in the school orchestra, not bad considering he probably pick his violin up 3 or 4 times when we where sailing and was thinking of giving it up. Jo has also bought him a cheap 2nd hand keyboard and he has been teaching himself the piano and lucky for him we have a baby grand at the resort that h
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Hi all, We arrived back a Noosa around the 24th of Dec after a bit of a wild crossing of the Wide Bay Bar the day before. Completely my fault, left the run to late and had the second hour of the run out tide against the incoming swell, was all good until the last 10 min's of the crossing. Near the most    seaward way-point for those of you that know the bar. We had 5 odd metre waves breaking over the boat and I think at one point Jo was saying a prayer! The boys where inside watching a movie and besides it being a bit rough, they did not even know. We where never in danger, but I was glad to be
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The Keppel's By now Tres Amigos and Captain Tony of Double Shot had caught up to us, but   A Jornada was just leaving. We stayed at the Keppel’s for a while then Captain Tony left, we stayed for a couple more days then we headed to the reef with Tres Amigos. We went to North West Island; it was an OK anchorage but Tres Amigos Anchor Wouldn’t grab so we rafted up. But it didn’t last, it got too swelly so we had to untie. Then Tres Amigos went and anchored and it grabbed so we stayed there for the night. In the Morning dad checked the weather forecast and the wind was coming up so he decide
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Hi Everyone, Mac here We have been quite slack on our blogging for a while, so ill catch you up We went to lizard with Lauren and Dave and had an Awesome time, we caught fish, we snorkelled, we wake boarded, we walked A LOT and all round we had a great time. There were some bad things, when we got to lizard Dave was really sick and dehydrated, at one point it got so bad we had to see the nurse at the resort. We don’t exactly know what happened to him but he came good after a week, it was like he had a really bad fever but I don’t know. Our sail bac
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Well hello everyone, We have had a wonderful 6 weeks cruising from Port Douglas to Lizard Island twice. Our first trip was with our dear friends from Noosa, Nikki, Jamie, Hamish, Monique and Trent. Yes we had 9 people on board for three weeks!  It was a wonderful trip, we had calm weather on departure, so decided to stay at magnificent Mackay Cay for the night and enjoyed a walk on the beach, a snorkel around the coral gardens and a champagne on sunset. It was the perfect start to the trip.  The next day we sailed to Irene Reef, just below ribbon number One. We dropped anchor in abo
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Hi all, Well we have been very lazy on he blogging front. It must be the laid back lifestyle here in FNQ.  Not that it has been that laid back in fact we have been quite busy, between sailing, fishing, Cray hunting, snorkelling, kite boarding, walking, paddle skiing, playing cricket on the beach, flying the stunt kite and generally enjoying lizard island it has been hard to stay up past 8.30 at night. We are having a bit of a rest day today. The rest of the fleet, Double Shot and Obsession have headed over to Eagle Island to go kiting for the day (we went over a couple of days ago and had a kite there
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Hi All, Just a real quick blog. We are all safe and well and enjoying Lizard Island. We had a great sail up here, caught a heap of fish and had a safe night out art the reef. We got to Lizard about a week ago. Mac and I have been learning to Kite Board in the Blue Lagoon. It is a great place to learn, clear warm water and strong winds. Mac is doing better than me, he is kiting both directions and getting better every day. It has been a bit harder for me, I am getting launched a bit but a few days and I should be kiting. We have been hare about a week now and have enjoyed snorkelling on the reefs andy catching up with the other cruisers that are calling this beautiful place their home. There looks like there is a drop in the wind later this week so we may take the opportunity and head
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Hi again, Well since the last blog we have spent a few days in the Marina at the Yacht Club at Port Douglas, the sail up was eventful, there was a call on the VHF from Cairns VTS, there was two people in the water off Double Island and they where looking for assistance. We where about 4 miles from the island so we radioed back and said that we would assist. We turned back towards where the last reported sighting, belting back against the 25 knot south easterly that was blowing. The long story short was that we got to where the two guys were to see them pulled out of the water by the rescue helicopter, it put us an hour behind but it was good to here that the guys where safe and well. Not quite sure why they where out in a ski boat in 25 knot winds, crazy stuff. We got to Port Douglas
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  Hi All, Well its never dull aboard Somerset Cat. Last Thursday we took the boys along with the crew from Tres Amigos to the Cairns Show. It was a long and very tiering day, we did it all, ate Dagwood dogs, saw the wood chopping, the pole climbing, visited with all the farm animals, wondered through side show ally and of course there was plenty of rides to go on. I only went on one ride with Mac and Liam, it was called the Sky Walker and it was a bad idea, you spent most on the time either upside down or being flung around 40 odd mts in the air. I felt like throwing up and was a bit doughy for a while, the kids seemed ok!! We also got to see some freestyle motocross, which was pretty cool. Sam was good all day except right at the end during the motocross he had a big anxiety at
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Well as you know from our last blog, we where worried about Casper as he was showing signs of a paralyse tick bite, after the nights sleep and as we where sailing towards Fitzroy Island we decided the we would bypass Fitzroy and head straight the Cairns and get the dog to the vets just in case. I set up an appointment, booked us into the marina and kept the dog as quite as possible. It was a very good decision as the vets diagnosis was definitely a paralyse tick bite. Casper by this stage was breathing very heavily and walking like he had had a couple too many beers. The good thing was that we got the tick off early and that he was at the vets before he was fully paralysed. He spent the night on a drip at the vets and was going to spend the weekend there. The next morning the vet rang and