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Hi all, I am writing this blog from the beautiful Noosa River. We have been back on the boat for about 2 weeks and we have had two decent days of weather. Apparently we Qld has had the wettest spring in 30 years! A great time to start living on a boat! Everything has that damp feeling about it and it has been difficult getting Sam to Endeavour and Mac to school. But we have managed. Lauren and her boyfriend David came to visit last weekend and it was great to see them. We had one fine day and went over to the beach and had a swim and the kids had a snorkel along the rock wall in the river mouth. I think that it will take a bit of adjusting for Lauren when she gets on the boat. We are all used to the small space, use to conserving water etc. But I am sure she will be fine. Mac last da
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First Blog: [caption id="attachment_334" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Sunset At Gary's Anchorage Fraser Island"][/caption] I am writing this from Gary’s Anchorage towards the bottom of Fraser Island. It is a magnificent night, a slight breeze blowing and around eight boats moored with us. The sunset was like a postcard, just as it should be. But it has taken a bit to get to this point. We got to Bundaberg on Wednesday the 6th of Oct 2010 and spent the first few days at the marina cleaning and preparing the boat for our maiden voyage. The plan was to cruise down through Hervey