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The Keppel's By now Tres Amigos and Captain Tony of Double Shot had caught up to us, but   A Jornada was just leaving. We stayed at the Keppel’s for a while then Captain Tony left, we stayed for a couple more days then we headed to the reef with Tres Amigos. We went to North West Island; it was an OK anchorage but Tres Amigos Anchor Wouldn’t grab so we rafted up. But it didn’t last, it got too swelly so we had to untie. Then Tres Amigos went and anchored and it grabbed so we stayed there for the night. In the Morning dad checked the weather forecast and the wind was coming up so he decide
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Hi Everyone, Mac here We have been quite slack on our blogging for a while, so ill catch you up We went to lizard with Lauren and Dave and had an Awesome time, we caught fish, we snorkelled, we wake boarded, we walked A LOT and all round we had a great time. There were some bad things, when we got to lizard Dave was really sick and dehydrated, at one point it got so bad we had to see the nurse at the resort. We don’t exactly know what happened to him but he came good after a week, it was like he had a really bad fever but I don’t know. Our sail bac
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Hi everyone its Mac here Over the past 2 weeks we have travelled from the Whitsunday’s to the Keppel’s We left Airlie Beach and sailed to Long Island Resort.  We went to the resort for a swim, I feed rainbow lorikettes and had a really hot spa.  Dad and I played catch in the pool. There were wallabies at the resort, it was the first time we saw wallabies since Stradbroke Island.
It was very rough the next day so we sailed to Brampton Island and went to visit the reso
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Hi everyone we have just night sailed from Magnetic island, Nelly bay to Gloucester passage and everyone is exhausted so here is a catch up of the last week or so. From port Douglas we made our way to Hinchinbrook. While we were moored mum wanted to go for a drive in a little river that we were next to, on the way back the motor conked out and we had to row a kilometre to get back to the boat. And the worst thing is there is CROCODILES but we did not see any thankfully. The next mooring we went to we caught three mud crabs and a fish. From Hinchinbrook we headed to Orpheus Island. At Orpheus w
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Hi all We are at Port Douglas now; the trip back from Lizard Island was really calm. We had a fishing competition with double shot and we won. (YAAAAAAY) we caught 12 fish and they caught 8, we caught a Tuna Dogtooth two-Spangled Emperor at the reef a Spanish Mackerel a Barracuda and 7 Queensland School Mackerel, they caught similar fish to us. We went snorkelling at Mackay Cay and saw two crayfish but couldn’t catch them and a couple of turtles it was really clear. Yesterday Lauren and I busked and earned $78.70 at the port Douglas markets it was awesome Last night we went out
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Hi everyone sorry I have not blogged in a while I have been soo busy………

We are at Lizard Island now and its soo cool, it’s really clear and we have snorkelled everyday and sometimes twice a day it’s awesome. While we were snorkelling we saw giant clams is the clam gardens some were two metres long and one metre wide

We also saw a parrotfish as big as me it was awesome. There are lots of clownfish everywhere they are very shy though so you need to look very closely, We also saw angelfish, they are quiet shy as well though.

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Fun things I’ve done the past three weeks


  • I Climbed in a hammock up in a tree that some old yachties had made!
  • We met Robert and Linda, lovely people from America
  • I went around in our little rubber duck and invited everyone for sundowners and a fire on the beach.
  • Caught up with people we have met on our trip
  • We night sailed to the Percy’s  Islands, at the bottom end of the Whitsundays! It was pretty rough!!
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Fun things I’ve done this week!
  • I went to my old school Good Shepherd Lutheran College on Tuesday for the day,I saw all my friends they were still all the same but a bit taller I felt like I hadn’t even left
  • We all went to the beach a couple of days later   
  • I slept over at my best friend Rickys house a couple of times it was great
  • I have eaten lots of sushi (good sushi bar just off hastings street)
  • Our friend Frank to dad and I fishing at the reef outside Noosa bar and caught 2 black tip reef shark, they were tasty, 1 little cod (t
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Hello all Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while I have been very busy and having lots of fun. - Fun things I’ve done in the past weeks:
  • Played with my cousins down at Pottsville in New South Wales and went to the beach with them.
  • I had a family dinner with my cousins on dads side at an Italian restaurant
I went to SeaWorld and....
  • I touched a stingray
  • I went on the Viking ride I didn’t think it would be scary but it sort of was because you go down like vertical
  • It sucked that I didn’t get to go on all the rides because we didn
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Ahoy mateys Yesterday we went to the science centre and the museum at Brisbane At the science centre there was lots of things that were interactive, There was a spinning chair that when u pulled in tight you went faster then when you let loose you slow down, We all held hands and made an electrical circuit and lit a light bulb, There was a test your strength activity where you had to squeeze two handles and dad got it to the top, There was a ten metre sprint and it gave you your time, There were lots of optical illusions this one looks like my head is on a plate. I co
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Ahoy mate’s It has been very boring sitting at Grandmas doing nothing. Although Lauren  and I saw Rango last night, it’s a really  good movie but  different to what I thought it  would be. Last weekend we went to my cousin’s birthday party. The party was at the park and it rained a bit, Lauren dressed up as a fairy  and was face panting all the kids at his party. After the party we went to his house, he opened all his presents and I slept over at his house. We are going to Tangalooma in a week I’m looking forward to going its going to be so fun That’s all for n
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Hello all These are some of the fun things I’ve done in the past weeks. I’ve….
  • Backfliped off the jetty
  • Swung on a rope swing into the water
  • Climbed the mast and swung from it
  • Bought an ice-cream at Tipplers (with my own money)
  • Climbed a rainforest tower
  • Fed the wallabies some flowers from the mangrove trees
  • Started a campfire on the beach with my flint and steel
  • Found some really cool shells at the surf beach
  • Grandma Anne did a cartwheel on the beach (soo cool!!)
  • Pumped y