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(From Oct 2010).............. After spending 2 days moving house we packed our car load of gear and drove to Bundaberg. We unpacked our gear onto the boat, and began cleaning, the boat was a mess, although my family had already partly cleaned it when they last visited. We were planning on spending 2 days cleaning before we headed south to Mooloolaba. Unfortunately our plans were postponed because we had a horrible week of weather, Heavy rain and very high winds (Between 20 and 30 knots). So we hung at the marina for 5 or so days.  By being on the boat I missed picking up my boyfriend David from the airport. He has been in Europe and I haven't seen him for over 2 months! However I told him that sailing and my family were very important to me and he understood. The complications bega
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Today, I thought I would share with you some of the issues living with an Autistic adult on board a boat creates and which are ongoing throughout our journey. The most important thing to remember is that Autism is the problem and not the person themselves. I have struggled alot with this and sometimes have to take a step back and look at things differently when it comes to living with Autism. The problem always has been how do you teach someone who does not seem to want to learn! No matter how hard you try they don't give a response!!! Well the answer is you still try and on some rare occassions you get a glimmer of the person inside and this is the proof and the reward for never giving up!! Sam our son has no speech, and very little communication skills, he is not toilet trained and need
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Hi to all we now have a face book page it's Smith Family Sailing so have a look. Have posted some photo's. We are still at Mooloolaba getting a little work done on Somerset Cat. We have had a 22 inch digital TV installed and antenna, some new stripes replacing the old ones, so she looks a treat and we have added Noosa Heads as her home port. We have also done some maintenance and a little interior design (some new cushions and bedding etc). We are staying at our friend Bradley's house for a few weeks while the work is being done and then we hope to sail her into the Noosa River for a big farewell party with all our wonderful friends. We are all looking forward to getting underway, but as we have been told many times patience is trully a virtue when it comes to sailing!!
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From Gary's Anchorage we motored to Pelican Bay a sandy spit with some protection from the South Easterly winds. We tucked in tight by following a small channel that is mostly impassable at low tide and anchored in a lovely deep hole not far from a sand bank. Adam & Mac launched the paddle ski and along went Casper for the trip to shore. We all went for a walk in the shallows and discovered a dead loggerhead turtle, which seemed to have been caught in a fish trap!! The unfortunate creature must have drowned!!! Once back aboard we called Coast guard and they notified Parks and wildlife to investigate. We were all a little apprehensive about our crossing of the Wide Bay Bar in the morning!! At 7.30 am we registered with Coast guard and received information about the condition of the sea
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First Blog: [caption id="attachment_334" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Sunset At Gary's Anchorage Fraser Island"][/caption] I am writing this from Gary’s Anchorage towards the bottom of Fraser Island. It is a magnificent night, a slight breeze blowing and around eight boats moored with us. The sunset was like a postcard, just as it should be. But it has taken a bit to get to this point. We got to Bundaberg on Wednesday the 6th of Oct 2010 and spent the first few days at the marina cleaning and preparing the boat for our maiden voyage. The plan was to cruise down through Hervey