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Hi all, We left pancake creek yesterday around 10am and sailed the 30 odd miles to the Gladstone Marina. Although they were predicting strong winds we had a plesent sail in around 15 knots of wind with around a 2 metre follwing sea. Fairly uneventfull trip, but we were glad we listened to the other boaties that we had met in Pancake Creek in regards to the tides as it would be a very rough couple of hours sailing up the channel to Gladstone if you had the tide running out against the incomming swell. We ran with the tide and swell and although a bit rolly is was quite an easy run. Gladstone Marina is a great setup, good facilities, freindly staff and a very safe spot to hide from the 30 knot winds that are outside. We have washed the boat down this morning and are about to head off t
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Morning everyone :) We have had a great few days at pancake creek, We have met quite a few boaties at the nightly campfires a few guys who were my age which was cool, Yesterday mackenzie and I Built a 2 seater couch out of sand and a couple of the guys we met helped us build it. last night we had a camp fire singalong which was sooo cool, we brought along all our instruments (tamborine, shakers, egg shaker, sticks, triangle and 2 guitars) we handed them around the group and brought our music. We sang "Im yours", "Follow me", "Forget you", "The Saga Begins" and a few more. It was a great night but im annoyed that my hair still smells like smoke though ahah. Im not aloud to have a shower and wash my hair until the next marina so Im struggling haha. We should be heading to G
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Hi All, Just a quick update. We left Bundy on Tuesday and sailed to Lady Musgrave Island, not a bad sail and anchored safely in the lagoon around 3.30pm. Spent the night there and then got  up in the morning and had a bit of a look around the Island. Unfortunately the forecast was looking a bit dodgy so we decided to head for pancake creek. We left around 10am and the first few hours were rough. A strong south westerly swell whipped up by the 15-20 knot winds provided plenty of excitement but we also made good time sailing at over 8 knots. as we approached the coast the wind swung around to the south and then the south east and the sea conditions settled and the last couple of hours into pancake creek was slower but certainly more comfortable. We spent a very peaceful night at anchor (
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Hi all, We are still here at the port of Bundaberg, we are waiting for our new charger/inverter to be delivered by fedex from the states. (It is supposed to be delivered today some time. ) With some help from freinds at Noosa (thanks Michael) and some new found freinds Robert, Linda and the dog Louie from the yatch Concerto we found a unit almost half the price that we first thought it would cost. Still money we would have liked to have not spent but a much better result than our first quote. I would also like to thank Tony and the boys from the slipway here at the port marina for lending us a battery charger so that we could keep the boats house batterys charged whilst we have been waiting for the new 110 volt charger from the states.  We have been doing a few jobs on the boat, I
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Hi all, As the kids have blogged we are currently moored at the port of Bundaberg marina at Burnett heads, we had a great week inside Fraser Island from feeding the dolphins at Tin Can to the crystal clear waters of Wathumba creek and the majesty of the sand dunes at Sandy Cape. The only down fall was the lack of real wind, we mostly motor sailed but the weather was warm so no real complaints. Unfortunately we are having some issues with our battery charger/inverter. The guys from Charmed City Electrics have been looking after us but so for it does not look good. We have two fried circuit boards and they are currently trying to source new ones. I have been told that they have to come from the states and that they are expensive. (dam!!) So we are looking at other options, a complet
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Hey everyone, The last week has been great. The weather has been prefect. Aside from no wind lol. But the water has been clear as glass. We are currently sailing along Fraiser Island. We have mored tonight in Wathumba Creek, on high tide the water was crystal clear and a sea turtle swam by the boat as a welcome. I threw the gopro camera at mac and he was swimming with the turtle and filming! It was awesome. We had to be careful on the beach because dingos were hanging around watching Casper on the boat. We are heading to some sand dunes Tomorow so hopefully the wind will be right for
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Fun things I’ve done this week!
  • I went to my old school Good Shepherd Lutheran College on Tuesday for the day,I saw all my friends they were still all the same but a bit taller I felt like I hadn’t even left
  • We all went to the beach a couple of days later   
  • I slept over at my best friend Rickys house a couple of times it was great
  • I have eaten lots of sushi (good sushi bar just off hastings street)
  • Our friend Frank to dad and I fishing at the reef outside Noosa bar and caught 2 black tip reef shark, they were tasty, 1 little cod (t