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Hi all, Merry Christmas !!!............... We are currently moored in the Noosa ¬†Woods and as normal it has been raining and windy!!! We are all missing the warmth and sunshine of far north QLD. I am sure it will stop raining eventually!!!!!!!!!!!   Anyway it is Christmas eve and we are all together and we will get to spend Christmas day with all our friends at Noosa, so life is not to bad.. We will stay here for the first ¬† few months of next year and then possibly cruise north again next winter? Time will tell.. We hope that you all have a fantastic Christmas with all your f
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Hi All, We are all safe and well. We are currently anchored safely in-front of Kingfisher Bay Resort on Fraser Island. We are waiting to see what the weather is going to do. There has been a strong wind warning issued for this part of the world for the last few days, and now there is a trough moving slowly south from the mid Qld Coast and may form a weak low pressure system, you guessed it off Fraser Island on Thursday. We will have to wait and see how it all pans out. Only 60 odd Naut Miles to go but mother nature is not making it easy for us. As I am writing this it is still blowing 35+ knots of Doub