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Sunset At Gary's Anchorage Fraser Island

I am writing this from Gary’s Anchorage towards the bottom of Fraser Island. It is a magnificent night, a slight breeze blowing and around eight boats moored with us. The sunset was like a postcard, just as it should be. But it has taken a bit to get to this point. We got to Bundaberg on Wednesday the 6th of Oct 2010 and spent the first few days at the marina cleaning and preparing the boat for our maiden voyage. The plan was to cruise down through Hervey Bay and into the Great Sandy straights and then cross the Wide Bay Bar and sail down to Mooloolaba. We planned to have Mac back at school by the 18th of Oct at the latest, but as we are learning you can not put a time frame on a journey as you cannot control the weather. In fact the weather at Bundaberg and most of the Queensland coast turned very nasty. We recorded over 30 knot winds in the safety of the Marina at the port of Bundaberg. There was also a couple of wild storms that came though.

We finally left Burnett Heads (Port of Bundaberg) on Sunday the 17th of Oct 2010. We had met some fellow cruisers whist staying at the Marina and we tagged along with them for the first leg of our trip. We must thank Steve and Madonna aboard “Graffiti” for the guidance it certainly gave us a bit more security as we sailed the 8 hours across Hervey Bay to our first nights mooring just to the North of Fergusons Spit at the northern end of Fraser Island. We spent a comfortable night at anchor and woke up to a beautiful mooring. After Breakfast we all went for a walk along the beach and where lucky to spot a mother whale and her two calves swimming just a short distance for the beach. We decided to have a look further north and anchored underneath the magnetic sand dunes near Sandy Cape Lighthouse. The mooring was safe but a little rolling during the night, but the view far out weighted the unsettled mooring. Rising to a beautiful day we ventured to the dunes and went for a walk. After lunch we decided to move to a more comfortable anchorage and headed south around Rooney Point to the smooth waters of Platypus Bay and the anchorage of Wathumba Creek. On route we watched playful Humpback Whales and their calves in the bay and saw loggerhead turtles in the shallows. Wathumba Creek mooring was crystal clear we would have like to have stayed longer but needed to head south to prepare to cross the wide bay bar. On the morning of Wednesday the 20th October we had some sailing tuition from Steve who kindly showed us valuable sailing manouves and on lunch after a friendly farewell we headed off, head sail up in a 20 knot breeze and sail the waters off Hervey Bay South to King Fisher Bay Resort on Fraser Island.

We dropped anchor adout 300 metres from King Fisher Bay resort and decided to go ashore. We spent a lovely late afternoon by the resort pool ordered the best pizza’s we have had in ages and the jumped in the rubber duck back to Somerset Cat to watch the last of the sunset and then fell into bed. In the morning the boys decided to do a little exploring in the rubber duck and then we decide to pull up anchor and set off for Gary’s anchorage travelling south throught the great sandy straits to the bottom end of Fraser Island. We arrived just on sunset, cooked a BBQ had a couple of Sundowners and went to bed weary sailors!

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  1. Your writing brings to mind beautiful images! Perfect description of your sailing tour :-) Why did you not visit the whole of Fraser Island? Lake McKenzie is spectacular.

    • smith says:

      We where in a bit of a hurry to get Mac back to school so we skipped most of the Island. We plan to spend a month or so around Fraser on our way back up the coast next year. You are right Lake McKenzie is absolutley fantastic, as is the rest of the Island. We have done a bit of 4 wheel driving over there.
      Thanks for the input.

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