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From Gary’s Anchorage we motored to Pelican Bay a sandy spit with some protection from the South Easterly winds. We tucked in tight by following a small channel that is mostly impassable at low tide and anchored in a lovely deep hole not far from a sand bank. Adam & Mac launched the paddle ski and along went Casper for the trip to shore. We all went for a walk in the shallows and discovered a dead loggerhead turtle, which seemed to have been caught in a fish trap!! The unfortunate creature must have drowned!!! Once back aboard we called Coast guard and they notified Parks and wildlife to investigate. We were all a little apprehensive about our crossing of the Wide Bay Bar in the morning!!
At 7.30 am we registered with Coast guard and received information about the condition of the sea, they said the bar was a little choppy but very workable so off we went crossing about an hour before the high tide. We all took some sea sick tablets just incase!!!
We crossed the bar without incident, and only splashed the bow a couple of times. The open ocean here we come!!!
The wind conditions were not perfect for sailing so we helped her along with one motor, achieving a steady 6 knots. Sam started looking a little green as the swell was constant sort of like a gentle roller coaster ride!!! So we put him at the helm, this seemed to help a little but he was still sick the poor thing. He ended up sleeping outside in the cockpit most of the journey. Mac and I delighted in the dolphins playing cheekly along side the bow and we were lucky enough to see whales heading south for the summer, this is such a treat!! It never ceases to amaze us!!!! The journey was slow and steady, a perfect introduction to life on the ocean.
12 hrs later we pulled into Mooloolaba very tired but invigorated by our achievement!!!!

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