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(From Oct 2010)………….. After spending 2 days moving house we packed our car load of gear and drove to Bundaberg. We unpacked our gear onto the boat, and began cleaning, the boat was a mess, although my family had already partly cleaned it when they last visited. We were planning on spending 2 days cleaning before we headed south to Mooloolaba. Unfortunately our plans were postponed because we had a horrible week of weather, Heavy rain and very high winds (Between 20 and 30 knots). So we hung at the marina for 5 or so days. 

By being on the boat I missed picking up my boyfriend David from the airport. He has been in Europe and I haven’t seen him for over 2 months! However I told him that sailing and my family were very important to me and he understood.

The complications began when I realized that I had to be back to college in 4 days…  It was Thursday morning and college began again on Monday. I knew that it would take us 2 days to sail to Mooloolaba, and 3 hours on a train to get back to the Gold Coast. Dad was planning on getting an instructor to help us cross the ‘Tin Can Bay Bar’ (as it can be extremely dangerous) however his plan backfired when the instructor wasn’t’ free for another 2 weeks… 

A nice couple living on a boat further down the jetty approached us and said that they were leaving on Saturday in the same direction and would be happy for us to follow them to Fraser Island, then they would spend some time with us helping us to get to know our new boat and to be better sailors, and that would give us enough confidence to cross the bar alone.

They also mentioned whale watching and snorkeling with turtles, which didn’t sound too bad either.   

I called my college wondering if there was any way I could miss a couple, of days, but it turned out the first day back was VERY important, I had to pitch to the class what role I wanted for the 2 up and coming short films we were making. We discussed all my options, skyping the class, sending my pitch on a video and eventually came up with a deal that I would send a video and couldn’t be back later than Wednesday. I was happy with that. 

The weather was improving and we were all getting excited about Saturday. I reluctantly called David to tell him I wouldn’t be home for at least another 5 days, he was happy for me to be living my dream, but really we were both dying to see each other…

 Friday morning rolled by and the lovely couple (Steve and Maddona) came to see us again, they said that we wouldn’t be leaving until Sunday now, as the wind is picking back up again and it would be too rough for to head off. They also mentioned that we wouldn’t be able to cross the bar safely until Wednesday or possibly the end of the week.

My plans changed yet again.

The next day, Saturday morning I reluctantly hoped on the tilt train and prepared myself for the 6 hour train ride home. I couldn’t miss a whole week of college, it just wasn’t possible so late in the year. Dad was hesitant to let me go, not just because I’m missing out, but also because he needed my help crossing the bar. He is a whole crew member down now, which does put them at a higher risk.

 So… I’m sitting at my home in the Gold Coast, I have spent the last 2 days with David and have been extremely happy :)

Until this afternoon when I received a text from my family, letting me know they were safe a sound in Fraser Island and that they had spent the day whale watching and learning how to sail. I guess I feel like I’m missing such a big step in our journey. But I mean, I’m also creating my own.

College is so important to me, and until graduation, it is my main priority.

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  1. Haley Hawkins says:

    You are such an incredibly vibrant , courageous, and intelligent young lady the world is such a better place for having you in it. love ya heaps Aunty Haley

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