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Hi all,

I am writing this blog from the beautiful Noosa River. We have been back on the boat for about 2 weeks and we have had two decent days of weather. Apparently we Qld has had the wettest spring in 30 years! A great time to start living on a boat! Everything has that damp feeling about it and it has been difficult getting Sam to Endeavour and Mac to school. But we have managed. Lauren and her boyfriend David came to visit last weekend and it was great to see them. We had one fine day and went over to the beach and had a swim and the kids had a snorkel along the rock wall in the river mouth. I think that it will take a bit of adjusting for Lauren when she gets on the boat. We are all used to the small space, use to conserving water etc. But I am sure she will be fine.

Mac last day of school was yesterday and he was a bit quite on the way to drop him off, I think the realisation had hit him that he would not be at school next year and that he would miss his friends and even his teachers? He is very lucky to have a great group of friends and they are all really fantastic kids. I am sure that there will be a fair bit of skyping along the way.  Sam’s last day at Wallace Park (the Endeavour facility here at Noosa) will be tomorrow the 3rd of Dec. When I dropped him off there this morning all his friends where telling me that they are going to miss Sam, and I am sure that in his own way Sam will miss them as well. It is a lovely facility with caring staff and we plan for Sam to attend again if possible on the return from our adventure.

We are planning to leave Noosa next Tuesday the 7th of Dec as we need to be on the Gold Coast before the 16th as this is the date of Laurens graduation from Film College. The weather as normal is conspiring against us, so we will have to see what happens over the next few days, hopefully the Noosa Bar crossing and the sea settles down. If not we will just sit and wait, the main advice that we have received from all sailors that we have spoken to (cruisers and others) is to not rush to get some where, not to have a time table as this is when people get into difficulty. If needed we can leave the boat here at Noosa and drive down to the Gold Coast and then come back and sail the boat down when the conditions improve. In saying that we are all ready to get going. Living on a boat is different to cruising! We all want to start to see some new surroundings and to explore some new ports and to take walks on new beaches!! Hopefully this time next week we will be snorkeling the wreck at Morten Island and having a cool drink at the resort! Speaking of drinks we had drinks and nibbles with some lovely people last night. Eric and Marcia where guests that stayed at our old Resort, Verano at Noosaville. They live in Washington State in North America. They still stay a Verano every years and it was great to catch up on their adventures and to share our journey so far with them. One of the best things about “life’s” journey is the special people that you meet along the way and being able to sit down and share a tale or two and a glass of wine and some simple food. (Thanks for the Cheese Eric and Marcia it was superb)

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