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As we organise ourselves to depart Noosa I would like to thank the many people that have helped us get this far. From our broker Wayne Richards from Yacht Domain in helping us find and purchase Somerset Cat. He was very easy person to deal with and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a boat, especially a Leopard Cat. I would also like to thank the previous owner of Somerset Cat Michael for his help with getting to know the boat a bit better. I certainly makes a difference having someone to ask if you cant find out where something is. Michael was a bit sad to see his boat go, but I think that he was happy to know that it was going to a family that will enjoy sailing her as much as he did. “Two of the best days in a mans life are when he buys a boat and then when he sells it”  That was Michael’s comment to me, it was funny though, as I said I don’t think that he was that happy to see her go and on the day of settlement I could not be there to celebrate so I was not over joyed either! Thats just the way life goes

We would also like to thank Richard and Sam from the Captains Chandlery at the port of Bundy for their help with surveying the boat for purchase and for all the other assistance given whist we were at Bundaberg, their help was invaluable and we appreciate it immensely. They are great guys and we look forward to catching them somewhere on the water for a cool drink. I need to mention Steve and Madonna from “Graffiti” again as well, their offer to let us follow them from Bundy to Fraser was very much appreciated and the time spent by Steve sorting out our reefs and giving us a few pointers gave us the confidence we needed to sail down inside Fraser and across the Wide Bay Bar to Mooloolaba. Thanks again guys!! We have met some other lovely people along the way. It seems that for the most part people that enjoy boats are friendly and helpfully, we cant wait to get underway again so we can meet some new friends!

Their have also been a few great tradies that I would like to thank for their help, but I will do that in another blog in the new year.

We would also like to acknowledge and thank all our Friends, Jo and I have been blessed all our lives to have had many wonderful friends and our friends on the Sunshine Coast are no different. From helping us move all our worldly goods into storage (you find out who your friends are when you move house) to giving us somewhere to stay when we where between house and boat. We had friends drop off food hampers because they new we where stressed out. We had friends that helped fix things like the BBQ on the boat and we had gear stored in several garages until we worked out what to do with it, In fact we still have some gear at a mates house. I had another mate help me put new stripes on the boat and new Leopard Logos, the list goes on and on. You all know who you are and we thank you.

We sailed into  Mooloolaba late on a Saturday and the next day Jo and I where amazed, it was like it was both our birthdays on the same day. We had a constant stream of visitors (bringing supplies, bread, milk, cakes, beer, champagne you name it) wanting to see the boat and us. They where all so enthusiastic about our first trip and keen to hear about it. I certainly made us all feel very special and loved. Unfortunately in all the rush of the visitors I forgot to radio coast guard and let them know that we had arrived safe. (we could see the coast guard from where we where moored) I received a phone call early afternoon from a very nice officer from the water police making sure that we where OK!! The system works, they will look for you if you don’t radio in!  (the water police had contacted my father to get my mobile number and yes at 45 years of age you can still get a lecture from your dad!!)  Sorry for the hassle guys.

Most of all we would like to thank our friends for all the encouragement and that they have given us, even though I don’t think that all of them understood our journey or would want to do it themselves they all understood that it something that we as a family had to do and I think that they all are proud of us for actually having a “Big” dream working towards it, never giving up and achieving it. When we where feeling a bit down or a bit unsure we always had someone that would steer us back on course and remind us that this had been our goal for the last 2 years. We love you all and there is always a berth on Somerset Cat for you. We will see you all when we drop into Noosa on the way north next year.

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