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Will this rain ever end? We have been back on the boat for two weeks and it is still raining. It was fun for a little while but now it is just annoying! Everything is damp and we are over it!! We had to go to BCF and buy a tarp to try and give us some more dry area out side as we where all getting sick of sitting inside the boat looking at each other. We did manage to have some friends out over the weekend and have a few more farewell drinks. I will be pleased to go south so we can have a rest! The problem is that the tides are right at the moment but the weather is making it difficult. They are forecasting stronger winds over the next couple and the seas will build as well. We are going to go shopping today to stock up and then we will have a look at the bureaus forecast this afternoon and make a decision then. At the moment we are riding out the tail of a thunder storm that is hitting the southern end of the Sunny Coast. Our plan is to get to Mooloolaba and stay there for a night or two and clean up the boat and get Rod from Nautical PC to finish a couple of small jobs on the boat and then sail south into Morten Bay and then the Gold Coast for Lauren’s Graduation on the 16th. We really would like to get out of the River in the next couple of days but time will tell.

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