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Hi all,

Well we finally made out of the Noosa River. We looked at the forecast on Monday night and the bureau was predicting strong winds and big seas. We woke up on Tuesday and spoke to Noosa Coastguard and they said that the bar was ok and that they were escorting three yachts  in over the bar. I spoke to one of the yachts re the sea conditions and they said that they work ok. We decided to make a move whilst we could. The bar crossing was fine and the seas where ok, a bit of a south easterly swell about 1.2 to 1.5 mts. It was on our nose for the first hour and both the kids looked a bit green. After we swung south it seemed to ease up a bit. It was still a fairly slow trip and we arrived at Mooloolaba around 3pm and went straight to the fuel dock to grab some fuel. We had a bit of a clean up of the boat and did three big loads of washing at the Marina. Mostly towels etc from our wet stay at Noosa. Jo had a girlfriend, Anna that she used to go to school with drop buy for a glass of wine and we had some happy our food and a relatively early night.We left the Marina at Mooloolaba around 7.30 on Wednesday the 9th and made a course to Tangalooma on the inside of Moreton Island. Again it was a bit lumpy at the start of our passage but the wind came up and we had a great sail for around 2-3 hours cruising 6-7 knots and just enjoying the view. We dropped anchor inside the wrecks around 2pm. All our years of boating on the Gold Coast and we never got this far north! I wished we had. What a fantastic place, beautiful clear water, wide sandy beaches and the bonus of the wrecks to snorkel around. We had swim, a walk and couple of drinks, BBQ dinner and a great sleep and woke up to a clear day. After breaky we took the kids for a long walk on the beach (Casper had to stay on the boat as Moreton Island is a national park and dogs are no allowed). We went for a paddle around the wreck although it was a bit windy. We dropped in at the resort at Tangalooma and grabbed some milk and bread and had a quick beer. Really nice place, great looking resort with good facilities. The wind was picking up so we headed back to the boat. The wind was forecast to pick up and swing around to the North / Northwest and as I am writing this the wind is a stiff 20/25 knots and blowing from the northwest. Not ideal conditions but we have decided to stay here another night and head off first thing tomorrow. If the wind is still blowing from the North we might head from Peel Island and moor in Horseshoe bay. It is a shocking anchorage in a southerly wind but not to bad when it is blowing form the North. We will probably be on the Gold Coast around Tuesday next week. Until then happy sailing!!

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