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Hi all, we are on the not so sunny Gold Coast.After leaving Moteton Island we headed for Peel Island, with the northerly winds it would be a good spot for a swim and to stay the night. We got down there just after lunch and again had a lovely walk along the beach with the kids and had a swim.

First swim in the broad water at South Straddie

First swim

We could see storm clouds building over the hinterland so we headed back to the boat to prepare for storm. Mac and I sat on the bow and watched it roll in. You could see the rain moving towards us, the boats moored at the other end of the anchorage started to disapear. We moved inside the boat and had a had a look at the BOM radar. It was quite a storm, but luckily we only caught the tail end of it. It was heading north towards the Sunshine Coast.  The mooring was quite calm over night and we woke up to a still morning and motored off down Moreton Bay towards the Gold Coast! Should be and easy day! All inside, no seas, no dramas! How wrong we where. We got down the bay and where about to go aroung the top of Russell Island and saw the power lines. They where 20mts at high water. We are 21.3 mts and there was a mid tide. We spoke to the local VMR and Coast Guard and mad the dicision to head back to Peel Island and rethink our plans. We spoke to Brisbane Coast Guard and looked at the weather and tide forcasts and decided to have a look thet the South Passage Bar at 9am in the morning and if it looked ok we would cross and sail south around North and South Stradbroke Islands and into the Gold Coast Seaway. When we arrived at the Bar it was a bit messy as we moved across towards the opening but the swell was only around 1.5 in the Bar itself and as per the guidance from Brisbane Coast Guard we followed the deeper (darker) water and snaked our way around the breaking waves into deep water. We motored untill we rounded Flat Rock and then set the sails and headed towards the Gold Coast. We where all a little disapointed about not being able to go on the inside of the islands but we had a great sail down to the Gold Coast. We averaged over 8 knots and at one point where doing 10 knots. It was great fun and one of the few fine days that we have had in the last month and we where sailing though the Gold Coast Seaway around 4pm. We moored in the bay near Seaworld and had a beer and a glass of wine to celebrate making it here safe and in time for Laurens Graduation. Guess what! It raining again!! We will head up to hope Island in the next few days to moor in front of my brothers (Jason) house. Untill next time. Adam..

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