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We have been moored at Hope Island in-front of my brother Jason’s house for the last few days and yes it has been raining. Yesterday was the worst but we managed to get off the boat and go and have lunch with Laurens boyfriend, Davids family. We spent a lovely few hours at the Food Fantasy smorgasbord at the Casino, dry and enjoying some nice food and great company. Thanks to Michael and Shelly for the invite and the xmas gifts.  We also ran into some good friends from Noosa as well. Noel and Suzie and their family were enjoying lunch to celebrate Noel’s dads 90th birthday. It is a small world!!   At the moment it has stopped raining but it is blowing at around 15-20 knots from the south west. We are going to have a look after lunch and we might head out to South Straddie for a couple of days and have a look around our old stomping ground. Jo and I actually met on South Straddie when she was on holidays with her sisters and I was teaching water skiing from the beach in front of the then Shangri La resort, just north of Tipplers Resort. Tipplers has now closed and I am not sure what is happening up there. I will let you all know after we visit. I had found memories of my time spent on the island and taking Sam and Lauren there when they were young. We are off to the post office to send some presents down to Victoria to the cousins. I also need to get to Noosa to pick up my car and get our Searay from the boat dealership and bring it down here to try and sell it. We need to get it sold before we sail out in January. The money in the bank would be handy as well.

5 more sleeps till Xmas, where has the year gone!!! Hopefully I will blog again before xmas but if not we wish everyone  Merry Christmas a hope that you are all safe and have a wonderfull time with your families!!

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