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Well that’s another Christmas over with.

The weather was atrocious, but we had a lovely day with the family.The kids all had a great day and between Santa and Grandma the kids had lots of things to occupy their time. We all had a fantastic lunch and spent the day playing table tennis and the kids playing their new wii games. It was the wettest Xmas that I  can remember and everything on that boat has that damp feel about it. We are lucky to beable to have spent time off the boat visiting both my brothers and spending time with their families in warm and dry surroundings. In saying that   we all can’t wait for the weather to clear so that we can go out and get back on the water. We dont really like being tied up at a jetty. It is good for a couple of days, to clean, washing sheets and to refill water tanks etc, but it is not what we signed up for. We want to get out and sail, to get out and see somenew places. We will just have to wait for  the weather to settle. It is blowing 20-30 knots from the south east today and the next couple of days are not looking much better. We are going to move off my brothers jetty in the next few days and then stay at the Hope Island Marina for a couple of weeks and catch up with some old friends from the Gold Coast and do a bit of work on the boat. Hopfully by then the weather would have calmed down and we can head off. Time will tell. Until next time happy sailing.

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  1. Uncle Errol says:

    Enjoying your web site and looking from time to time.Make sure you take the time to contact us and arrange a visit while you are here.Lots to talk about.
    Call us when you have the time
    Errol and Laine

  2. Anne and Clive says:

    Hi Guys,
    You must be sick of the wx , beautiful down here. Off to Tas soon , do you guys do convoys. Hope the wx improves soon . love Mum and the old sea salt.

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