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Hi all, We are still on the Gold Coast and since last I blogged we have had a couple of fine days. I think that it was the 2nd and 3rd of Jan. They were glorious, we swam, went for walks on the beach and generally enjoyed the sunshine whilst we we could. Other wise as you are all aware it has been very very wet. We have been feeling sorry for ourselves, but it certainly gives you a reality check when you watch the news and see our fellow Queenslanders a few hundred miles up the coast and what they have been going through. There are people that have lost everything!! So although we are sick of the rain andthe wind we know that there are many many people that are doing it a lot tougher than us. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and we hope that they get the help that they need sooner rather than later.

We are currently moored at Sanctuary Cove and have been catching up on the washing and cleaning up the boat, normall things. We have caught up with Joannes sister Haley and her kids, we took them up to South Straddie for the day. The weather was shocking as we cruised into Sanctuary Cove to pick the up, we headed off and luckily the weather held off for most of the day. The kids had a ball swimming, playing on a rope swing and I even managed to take them all for a kneeboard behind the rubber duck. We had a few beers and lunch with Haley and Pete and then cruised back to the Cove. Good mates of mine Chris (Haleys ex) and Frank came on board for a few drinks and we stayed up way to late telling stories and reminiscing on the old days. From time to time I might enlighten you with “Franks quote of the week” He come up with some gems such as: “You can teach a monkey to ride a bike, but it’s stuffed if the chain comes off”!   and “There’s 200 ways to cook sausages, But at the end of the day there  still just sausages”      It was great to catch up with them.

Mac is spending a couple of days at one of his cousins which gives him a break from hanging on the boat in the rain. Lauren had a meeting scheduled with her documentary producer today but she went to turn on her video camera and it did not start up. She could not get the footage that she wanted off the camera so she cancelled the meeting! Hopefully the camera is ok and can be repaired. If not I am not sure what we will do. We don’t have a spare $4000 laying around to get another one and it will be difficult to film our journey without a camera! I guess we will cross that bridge when we get to it I guess. Until next time, lets all pray to whatever god we follow to ease the rain for the people up north. (and the people living on boats as well)  Adam.. 

Ps: We are all saying a prayer for our dear friend Jeff his wife Rolande and his family during these difficult times.  We are so very proud to be part of their lives.

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