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Hi everyone, just an update on the last month or so.  We have based ourselves on the Gold Coast for the last six weeks, moored at Sanctuary Cove Marina, keeping safe from the tragic floods in South East Queensland and the two cyclones up north.  What a devastating month of natural disasters!!  Queensland has certainly taken a battering and so many people lost their homes and even more horrific for the people that lost precious family and friends.  We attended a flood relief appeal in Sanctuary Cove held at Mexi’s Restaurant and Tapas Bar, it was a great day and the enthusiasm and generosity of the crowd was great, raising much needed funds for the families in need.

Last Tuesday the 25th of January 2011 we lost a dear family friend Jeffrey Hardwick – our lives have changed forever!  Jeffrey was more than a friend he was a father figure to Adam & I, an inspiration to us both, a mentor and an exceptional person with a generous heart and endless energy for life.  His passing was too soon and our sadness so great.  There’s a piece of our lives that forever remains empty!  Goodbye charming, beautiful man we will truly miss you xxxxxxxx.

Jeff’s Poem – written by Joanne Louise Smith January 2011-02-05


A dear, dear friend.

No more than a friend!

With a generous heart

That I can’t mend

The clock is ticking………

And I can’t sleep

You are in our minds

And hearts to keep.

I don’t know how to fix your woe

I wish it was as simple as GO!!!!!!

The burden it has placed on you,

Should never have been

A man of few!

All I know is that you changed our lives

Without you, I couldn’t have kept our dreams alive!

You showed from experience that anything is possible

If you take life on and don’t doubt the impossible.

Your gentle encouragement when times were hard

Lifted my spirits and tears I discard.

Your journey has inspired my heart

To follow adventure and capture it tight.

To keep true friends close and remember the kind.

Always jump at the chance, no limitations to what you may find.

Your energy is strong!

Truly inspiring!

Even though to continue is so, so tiring.

Move forward with hope and determination

That’s always been your conversation!

You battled so much

That your voice is weak!

But to us it’s strong

And we here you speak.

Life is the ultimate trust….

The living of the toils we must.

If I could take the bad away, I would,

Forget the sad, and bring forward the good.

Nothing matters more than a life full of life!!!

Happiness comes from your state of mind

Being part of our lives, you have been a gift.

Forever we are tied by a bond no one can shift!!!

We love you Jeffrey John Hardwick Extraordinaire!!!!!!

Joeylou 2011

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  1. smith says:

    Hi Annie, thanks for your comment we are very happy with wordpress at the moment, don’t seem to get much spam.

  2. steve says:

    hi i loved the poem is that jeff from hardwick racing ,if it is im so sad i new a jeff in spain he had a son a daughter jeff jr .he was like a son to me lost touch when he went to poland was a sad day for me. all the best steve

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