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Hi all,

Well what a month it has been, floods, cyclones, and now in WA fires. Australia is certainly an interesting place to be at the moment, our hearts and prayers go out to all the people that have lost love ones and property.  We are still on the Gold Coast, basically hanging to see what the weather is going to do. We still might make the trip south to Ballina, then to Yamba and the up the Clarence River as it is way to early to go to far north. As I stated we are just waiting to see what the weather is going to do. We are all getting a bit stir crazy, we all just want to get going, but the one piece of advice that every cruiser/boatie has ever given us is if you are not sure about the weather just don’t go!!  We will just wait another week or so and see what happens.

Otherwise we have just been spending the time catching up with old friends and doing a bit of work on the boat. As Jo has blogged we lost a dear friend Jeff Hardwick the day before Australia Day. When we received the call that we had been dreading, Jo and I and the kids where sitting in front of the old Tipplers resort on South Stradbroke Island. We where sitting on the beach swimming and having a cool drink! Just as Jeff would have wanted us too!! The sunset that afternoon was amazing; Jo and I had several cries and several drinks as the sunset whilst sitting on the back of our boat. We spoke about Jeff and how he will be missed and both acknowledged that with out meeting Jeff we might not be on the journey that we are now on. It was certainly a day that I will remember.

The next morning was Australia day and where the day before there was maybe 10 or 12 boats in Tipplers Passage there was suddenly a steady stream of boats arriving to celebrate our Nations National Day. Everything from small tinnies to 100 feet luxury cruisers, I recon there was at least a couple of hundred boats there to celebrate the day.  (That is the funny thing about death, life still goes on. One day you’re here and the next your not and all that your loved ones have is memories. The world keeps on turning and the Sun still comes up) We had a great day, my brother Mick came out with his family and we set up on the beach where we where the day before, we swam, played, jumped off the jetty and watched all the other people having a great day. There was a huge dance party happening up at McLaren’s Landing, which is just North of Tipplers. There would have been around 400 twenty something year olds and they where have a great time. It was fantastic to see all different ages all on the Island enjoying themselves. All in all a great day.

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