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I haven’t blogged in a while so I shall give you a little recap of my last couple of months.

I graduated college at the end of last year, just before Christmas and since then the family  and I have been catching up with friends and family down here on the gold coast, some stuff on the boat needs some work and we are in the process of selling our cars.

Over Christmas David and his brother joined our family for a big weekend at my  uncle’s house in sanctuary cove. Then Dave and I headed to Sydney for new years.  We stayed at his Auntie’s house for 4 days and explored Sydney (this was my first  ever trip to Sydney and so I had a lot to see) we visited the opera house and took  pictures in front of the harbour bridge (like real tourists  :)

Our first day in the city Dave took me to the 7 storey Myer!!! I was in love! But I  refrained from purchasing anything… mostly because Dave basically pulled me out  of the store haha.

We also went to the Chinese friendship garden for lunch one day. It was gorgeous! We took loads of pictures too.

After watching the fireworks for new years and spending a few more days exploring the city and visiting my friend Chelsea we headed home.

Since new years our family has been out and about on the boat, staying for a week  at Stradbroke island and wave break and then heading back to sanctuary cove for  water and groceries.

On Australia day weekend our close family friend Jeff passed away and so mum  and dad spent the next weekend organising the funeral.

Last weekend was valentines day and so I spent the weekend with David  J mum  and dad took my uncle and aunty out on the boat for the weekend so I stayed at  David’s house from Friday till Tuesday. We went house shopping over the weekend  as Dave and his brother will be moving out in the next few weeks, they need loads  of appliances for their kitchen and so we have been looking for bargains.

They had inspections organised and we saw 3 different places over the weekend. The boys have found a place that they really like but now they need to apply and see if they get accepted.

On valentines day David and I went out for brunch and spent the day around the beach J it was my first ever valentines day and we got each other heaps of pressies. That night we went to the movies and I chose a romantic comedy :P  As you would on valentines day.

Not too much has happened since then, just officially moving all my stuff out of my house and into the boat. (and trying to find somewhere to fit it all!! My clothes especially!)

That’s all for now, but ill keep you posted. Happy sailing:)


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