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Hi all,

We are still on the sunny Gold Coast. As Jo spoke about in her last blog we are staying with my parents at Carrara and are still trying to sell our old ski boat. If any one knows any one that wants a much loved Searay 200 Sundeck please let me know. I have also put Jo’s car for sale. The market seems to be very flat and nothing seems to be selling. I have reduced the price of the boat so hopefully we will get it sold soon. The only other news is that I had a bit of a sore on my right forearm that did not want to heal so I booked into the Skin Cancer Clinic to get it looked at. The doctor decided to cut it out just in case. Better to be safe than sorry. They sent it away for examination and I have not herd anything so everything must be ok. I get the stitches out this weekend.

Although we appreciate very much my parents letting us stay with them the last week has been difficult, we all just want to go. we want to get back on the water. We want to start heading north, we want to get back to our journey, but unfortunately we need to tidy up a few things here, like selling the old boat and we still have to wait of the weather to clean up bit. It is still to early to head to far north. It is funny we are all feeling bit sorry for ourselves but in the whole scheme of things we are blessed. When you looked at what has happened in the Pacific region in the last few months, Floods, Cyclones, Earthquakes and now the terrible Tsunami in Japan we are actually very lucky, we have each other and lots of people that care about us. As Joanne said to me the other day, “once we get going and we get we will look back at this period and wonder what we where worried about”.

We are planning to get back on the boat next week and depending on the weather we might do a trip up to Tangalooma for a week or 10 days. We may even cruise up the Brisbane River and stay in Brisbane for a couple of nights and take the kids to see the sites such as the Museum, Science  Centre.

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