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Hello again,

Well I have been very busy since I last posted.

At college I studied documentaries and had to produce a documentary of my own. I decided to make a documentary on my family, dropping everything and selling everything they own to follow their dreams.  Pausing their normal life, picking up the family and going sailing.

Since I finished my small assignment I have pitched the idea to all my teachers, friends and many people in the industry trying to get some interest. Turns out a lot of people want to hear our story.

So yesterday I met with my producer Phoebe Hart and she has already pitched our idea to ABC and they are interested!

So I have a lot of work to do. Not only are we all going sailing together but I’ll be capturing it all on camera!

Its good having the documentary to work on as it gives me something to do while we wait around at grandmas house for the cars and water ski boat to sell.

I spent the whole day on Tuesday logging the 7 hours of footage I have already captured of our journey.  We leave to Tangalooma in a week and that will be the first test run of the trip with all of us together and the camera rolling. I guess I’ll let you know how that goes.

In other news David and his brother Jonathan have moved into  their new  house and I spent the weekend helping them

unpack.  And this weekend David and I are working on music  video for a local  Brisbane Band, which should be good, I haven’t  been on a set in a while and  I’m pretty excited.

We are leaving north officially in a month or so and I’m getting both Nervous  and excited. But I’m glad to spend some time with  Dave before we leave. I’m  defiantly going to miss him like crazy.

Not too long now…

Wishing I was on the sea.

Lauren. xx

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