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Ahoy mateys

Yesterday we went to the science centre and the museum at Brisbane

At the science centre there was lots of things that were interactive,

There was a spinning chair that when u pulled in tight you went faster then when you let loose you slow down,

We all held hands and made an electrical circuit and lit a light bulb,

There was a test your strength activity where you had to squeeze two handles and dad got it to the top,

There was a ten metre sprint and it gave you your time,

There were lots of optical illusions this one looks like my head is on a plate.

I could go on for ages but I wont.

The museum was huge it had heaps of cool stuff

There was a museum zoo with lots of stuffed animals, my favourite was the leatherback turtle it’s the largest living turtle in the world.

Other cool things I’ve done this week

I was sailing at seven and a half knots by myself while Sam was having a spit.

I sat in a 40/60 Bofors gun at Dunwich at the little ships club.

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