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We are on our trip to Tangalooma at the moment,

However the wind has been southerly and up to 30knots over the last few days and we decided that Tangalooma wasn’t safe in such rough seas. We parked next to the powerlines on our first night on our trip, we crossed underneath the powerlines for the first time, and we were all very nervous, although we had been told we will easily clear the lines, they looked very close to our mast. Dad made us all stay away from any metal just in case. After we made it though we parked for the night, waiting for the tide.

That night we were swarmed by crickets, hundreds of crickets, they got into the kitchen and we tried to kill them all. A few days later we were still finding them around the boat.


I went for my first sail the next day, and got the camera out to film the experience. Turned out major action happened, Sam was throwing a fit and broke a light, and Mac was driving the boat, none of us realized while dealing with Sam that Sac had hit a gust of wind and was up to 7.5 knots yelling “wooo!”

We pulled up that afternoon at north Stradbroke Island at Dunwich and had a look around. We found “THE MOST AMAZING SHOP!” No literally, the shop was called “The Most Amazing Shop”….. haha

It was full of the most random things; it had the usuals: Clothes, Shoes,  Swimmers, Giftware. Then you also had Formal Wear, Jewellery, Dolls, Lamps,  Tea Cups, Toys and Collectables. There were strange things like Pots and sexy  outfits and annoying talking toys that were motion sensitive, when you walked  past they all started talking. She sold wedding dresses, adult themed gifts,  furniture, water features and so much more. I found a Belle lamp from beauty and  the beast that I wanted but I had no cash. And Mac found a sponge bob lamp,  which he begged us for.



We have now been parked at Dad’s friend Tony’s jetty, waiting out the rain and high winds for 2 days, we have gone to the Brisbane science museum and been to the lighthouse at Raby Bay. Hopefully we are heading to Tangalooma tomorrow if the weather clears….


Will post Pictures of the weekend soon J

That’s all for now





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