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Well we finally managed to get back to Tangalooma after spending a      couple of days at a mates jetty in Cleveland.

We moored close to the wrecks and the kids had a couple  of snorkels around the wrecks  and where freaked  out by all the fish that  surround you waiting for food. I went over for a swim with them and one  of the local tour guides came over and threw a slice of bread between as  all, the fish went crazy. It was a pretty wild having so many fish fighting  over the bread right in front of you. The guide said that if you hold the  bread between the palms of your hands you can actually catch them. He  said the record was 13 caught by hand!!

Mac and Lauren also spent a bit of time paddling around the wrecks all in all a great time, but as can happen with boating things can change very quickly. The kids were out on the paddle boards and I was just about to go and take

the rubbish over to the bins on Moreton Island and after being safely anchored for two days and nights the anchor dragged. We went from

being safely moored to drifting rapidly with the tide and wind towards the wrecks and another boat moored about 100 meters away. We had a stern line attached to the wrecks and after getting the motors going I tried to swing the boat back out away from the wrecks and the other boat, the trouble was that to stern line would not let the rear of the boat swing out. It was a nervous few minute as I tried to get us to safety. Eventually Jo grabbed a knife and cut the line. After that it was easy to get the nose of the boat into the wind and drive out of danger. In the mean time two on the other boaties where in their tenders offering to give us assistance. That is the great thing about people with boats they are generally always ready to lend a hand. The kids then retrieved the line tied to the w

recks and had a long paddle against the wind and tide to get back to the boat. The weather forecast had been predicting a storm later in the day so we thought better then staying near the wrecks with a big blow coming so we headed south looking for a more protected mooring. The learning was never take things for granted and be very very careful when attaching stern line. I am just glad that the anchor did not drag in the middle of the night!! I would have been a disaster.

We went for a sail for a couple of hours and then on the afternoon the wind died so we saw an anchorage that was at the base of some sand dunes, we dropped anchor and decided to go for a walk on the island, Mac took his boogie board so he could do some sand dune sliding. We even got Sam to walk all the way to the top, it was a bit of a struggle for all of us and Sam and I both needed a bit of a rest when we got to the top. The view was well worth the effort. We then headed back to the boat. We check the wether forecast again and they where predicting the storm to now hit us around midnight. We where in a bit of an unprotected anchorage but we had plenty of room around us, there was another 4 boats moored in the area but not close by. We had a a feed of fish for dinner (Jo had caught earlier) and then we tied everything down on the boat just in case the storm was bigger than predicted. Lucky we did, because it was. Around 12.30am it hit, it was wild, 30-35 knot winds and the wind whipped up 1.5 mt plus seas and yes you guessed it our anchor dragged, but this time we had plenty of room to move and once Jo and lauren raised the anchor we moved away from the other boats that were moored and re anchored. The storm blew until after daylight so I spent a restless night making sure that the boat did not move again. It didn’t and we all stayed safe. A couple of the other boats dragged anchor as well, a fun nigh for all!! Mac slept though the whole thing, it must be good to be a kid!! Once Mac got up we pulled up anchor and headed off down towards North Straddie and protection from the strong winds, we moored safely just south of the power lines. It was good to be able to get a good nights sleep!

From there we headed south back to the Gold Coast, I hope a bit wiser?? We will take more notice of whether forecasts and choose safer anchorages if in doubt. I said to the Jo and the kids it is all part of the adventure, I am not sure if they saw the fun in it!!

Happy sailing,


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