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Hello everyone,

Well the real journey is about to begin……………..

We plan to start our trip up the East  Australian Coast  to the beautiful Whitsundays and beyond in the next couple of  weeks. Somerset Cat has been prepared withnew storm covers, a water catchment system to catch the rainwater, new shower pumps and tap ware (new shower heads for the girls and new mirrors, definitely a must have!!), the generator has had some  parts replaced and serviced, all the safety gear has been tested and upgraded when  needed, new hand held GPS for back up, Epirb and Automatic inflatable life jackets and harnesses, extra scuba and snorkelling gear, new knobs for the stove and  upgraded mapping system,Oh and a really good clean out of stuff we don’t really need!  All we are waiting for is the Captain!!

Adam has left us for a couple of weeks, he has flown to Madang in Papua New Guinea to crew on a Sailing Cat for 10-14 days and sail her back to  Townsville.  This was a fantastic opportunity for blue water experience   as well as a great adventure for three mates, they plan to sail through the Louisiane  Islands do a tad of fishing and snorkeling on the way and   have the adventure of a lifetime (can’t wait to see the photo’s and hear  their stories!!!) Wishing them a safe, adventurous, awesome and hassle free trip…..xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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