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Good Morning Friends,



We have certainly had an eventful few weeks.

Finally after waiting for the weather to clear, we made the sail to the wrecks at Tangalooma on Moreton island. The water was amazing for the first 2 days, Mac and I went kayaking all around the wrecks, and out into the waves and into one of the ships themselves, it was really cool! We eventually found enough courage to get into the cold water and snorkel around the wrecks. The side of the ship was growing barnacles and coral, of all colours.

After a couple of minutes we were surrounded by fish! Most of them we  discovered were Butter Bream, but some were blue striped and silver.

I even saw an angel fish! you know the one off Finding Nemo, Scar was his name, haha. There were hundreds of Starfish in the shallow water as well.

It was too bad that the weather turned crap and we had to leave Tangalooma. The day we were leaving the anchor pulled and the boat almost drifted into the wrecks, thankfully mum and dad were on the boat, otherwise who knows what would have happened.

We anchored further along Moreton Island, but that night a thunderstorm came and we drifted again, almost hitting another boat. Mum, Dad and I were up at midnight until 3am re anchoring in the pouring rain…… yeah that was heaps of fun….. not.

We’re back at the Gold Coast now and preparing for the real voyage.

I will keep you updated.

Lauren :)




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