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Hello all

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while I have been very busy and having lots of fun.

- Fun things I’ve done in the past weeks:

  • Played with my cousins down at Pottsville in New South Wales and went to the beach with them.
  • I had a family dinner with my cousins on dads side at an Italian restaurant

I went to SeaWorld and….

  • I touched a stingray
  • I went on the Viking ride I didn’t think it would be scary but it sort of was because you go down like vertical
  • It sucked that I didn’t get to go on all the rides because we didn’t have enough time
  • I saw some penguins at the new penguin encounter, there so big!

At Tangalooma I…

  • Snorkelled at the wrecks and saw lots of fish
  • I fed them with bread and they like attack the bread
  • Ocean kayaked with Lauren around the wrecks
  • Climbed sand dunes and boogie boarded down them
  • Saw lots of starfish at the shore
  • Saw lots of turtles
  • Pumped yabbies for bait for mum
  • And did lots of swimming

I am looking forward to when dad gets back from Papua New Guinea so that we can start our trip up to the Whitsunday’s

That’s all for now

P.s. i just got my hair cut-

take a look at my before and after pics :)







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