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To those friends and family that have been checking the web site I apologise for the lack blogs lately, what can I say it has been a hectic few weeks. Firstly we sold our old boat and my Nissan Patrol, we did not get what we wanted but at least they are gone and we have put some much needed funds into the bank. They both went to a lovely family from the NSW central coast and we hope that they enjoy the Searay as much as we did.  That happened on a Thursday the 14th of April and on the Friday a good mate of mine Andre rang me and said that the trip to PNG that he had been talking about for a few weeks was on and we where to leave and following Monday. He wanted to know then if I was in, “hell yeh” I said and from there I had the adventure of a lifetime. I typed a bit of a blog whilst I was away and I will post it separately. But suffice to say it during the trip we had some fantastic moments and also some quite scary ones, a real adventure.

It is Friday the 20th of May as I type this and we are currently at the marina at Mooloolaba (yes we have left the Gold Coast). We sailed out on Tuesday after spending a week or so moored at Sanctuary Cove marina. We had a bit of work done on the boat, new water proof covers, and a water catchment system. We also finalised a few things that we needed to do before we headed off. We enjoyed our stay at Sanctuary Cove and thank Helen and her team for letting us stay a bit longer than they would have liked. The Boat Show was this week and they where madly setting up for it. From my perspective it looked a bit like organised chaos. Whilst I am thanking people I would also like to thank my parents for all their assistance, it was great being able to use their place as a base and that Jo and the kids where able to stay there when I went to PNG. I would also like to thank my brothers Mick and Jason and Joanne’s sister Hayley and their families for making us welcom whilst we where on the Goldy, it was great to catch up!

We left the Goldy on Tuesday and stopped at tipplers to do some filming on the way through, it was the day after the Gold Coast councils deciscion to not put the dozers though the place. Their must be a bit of tention about the place as the security guard was not very happy to see us walking around with a film camera, but once we explained what we where doing to the lovely lady at the office it was all ok.                                            It was a bit ironic,  Jo and I met on the beach on south Straddie over 22 years ago and now our new journey starting from their again! From there we headed up to the power lines at Russell Island and spent the night there. We sailed up Moreton bay and spent the next night trying to hide from the wind at Bongaree on Bribie Island. Even though we where moored against the jetty it was still very rough, the wind was supposed to be south east but was more southerly and blew up the channel all night. Not the best night sleep but no harm done. The next morning we where thinking about heading over to Tangalooma but the wind was blowing from the south west around 15-20 nts so we dicided to head straight for Mooloolaba and here we are.  We really want to get into the Noosa River to catch up with some friends but the tides are not very big during the day so we have a mate at Noosa trying to get so idea of current depths through the bar. We should know some more later in the day. From there we will probably head straight for Bundy, sailing around Fraser Island, again we will have to watch the weather and pick the right time for our first night sail as a family!

Bye for now, Adam..

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