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Fun things I’ve done this week!

  • I went to my old school Good Shepherd Lutheran College on Tuesday for the day,I saw all my friends they were still all the same but a bit taller I felt like I hadn’t even left
  • We all went to the beach a couple of days later   
  • I slept over at my best friend Rickys house a couple of times it was great
  • I have eaten lots of sushi (good sushi bar just off hastings street)
  • Our friend Frank to dad and I fishing at the reef outside Noosa bar and caught 2 black tip reef shark, they were tasty, 1 little cod (too small) and 1 little snapper (also too small).
  • I rode my skateboard a lot, along the paths on the Noosa Woods and in Hastings Street.
  • I held a big tuna mackerel that dad caught on the sail up from Noosa to the Wide Bay Bar
  • And today I fed the dolphins at tin can bay, it was sooooo cool you got to stand in the water with them hold your hand out and feed them.  There was one that had heaps of marks on it because it was the alpha male and it got in heaps of fights with other males and two bull sharks have attacked him now he has a chunk missing out of his dorsal fin. it was pretty cool to get so close to such a majestic creature. Lauren took video so it will be good to look back at!!!

That’s all for now, Mac


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  1. David says:

    Sounds awesome mac! What I would give to be able to hand feed dolphins!
    Hope you’re having an awesome time dude, see you soon!


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