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Hi all,

As the kids have blogged we are currently moored at the port of Bundaberg marina at Burnett heads, we had a great week inside Fraser Island from feeding the dolphins at Tin Can to the crystal clear waters of Wathumba creek and the majesty of the sand dunes at Sandy Cape. The only down fall was the lack of real wind, we mostly motor sailed but the weather was warm so no real complaints. Unfortunately we are having some issues with our battery charger/inverter. The guys from Charmed City Electrics have been looking after us but so for it does not look good. We have two fried circuit boards and they are currently trying to source new ones. I have been told that they have to come from the states and that they are expensive. (dam!!) So we are looking at other options, a complete new unit is around $4500 plus fitting which is way more that we can afford, so we may have to fit a separate battery charger and separate inverter unit. The guys are just working out the most cost effective way of getting us going. We will be spending a few more days here than we would have liked to but we have no option. We will make the most of it, Jo’s birthday is tomorrow so I will try to take her out to dinner. (I think she would have preferred a picnic on Lady Musgrave Island, but that will have to wait!!) ¬†and Dave might drive up from the Gold Coast to see Lauren (isn’t young love grand!). We will have a good walk around the area and see what is around. We wll also catch up with some friends that we met when we spent time here when we purchased the boat.

Have a great weekend and I will let you know how we go.


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