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Morning everyone :)

We have had a great few days at pancake creek,

We have met quite a few boaties at the nightly campfires a few guys who were my age which was cool,

Yesterday mackenzie and I Built a 2 seater couch out of sand and a couple of the guys we met helped us build it.

last night we had a camp fire singalong which was sooo cool, we brought along all our instruments (tamborine, shakers, egg shaker, sticks, triangle and 2 guitars) we handed them around the group and brought our music. We sang “Im yours”, “Follow me”, “Forget you”, “The Saga Begins” and a few more. It was a great night but im annoyed that my hair still smells like smoke though ahah.

Im not aloud to have a shower and wash my hair until the next marina so Im struggling haha.

We should be heading to Gladston marina on Tuesday if the wind dies down a little.

Then off to the Keppels :)

Thats all for now,

keep smiling :)


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