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Hi all,

We left pancake creek yesterday around 10am and sailed the 30 odd miles to the Gladstone Marina. Although they were predicting strong winds we had a plesent sail in around 15 knots of wind with around a 2 metre follwing sea. Fairly uneventfull trip, but we were glad we listened to the other boaties that we had met in Pancake Creek in regards to the tides as it would be a very rough couple of hours sailing up the channel to Gladstone if you had the tide running out against the incomming swell. We ran with the tide and swell and although a bit rolly is was quite an easy run.

Gladstone Marina is a great setup, good facilities, freindly staff and a very safe spot to hide from the 30 knot winds that are outside. We have washed the boat down this morning and are about to head off to the shops to grab a few essentials like milk, bread etc. We will head off either tommorow or the next day and at this stage we are planning to cruise up the narrows whilst the strong winds are blowing and then over to the Keppels later in the week or the weekend.


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