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Hi all,

Sorry I have not blogged for a while, we have been far to busy enjoying the beauty of the Keppel Islands, we have been here about 10 days.  What a fantastic place, crystal clear waters, long sandy beaches (Casper loves it as dogs are allowed on the island) and even that weather has been playing its part by providing us wonderful sunny days, even if the nights have been a bit cool.   We have been occupying our time by long walks on the beach, fishing, exploring, and having fires on the beach with other boaties. We have met some really nice people and all in all we are having a great time. Today we spent some time picking oysters of the rocks at low tide and eating them, it was certainly a very fresh lunch. We ducked into the Keppel Bay Marina for a couple of days to re provision the boat and dropped Lauren off as she had to head back to the Gold Coast for a wedding (and to see Dave). She will be back on the boat in about 10 days.  

Must be time for Sundowners!!

We will probably stay here for a couple more days and then head north. At the moment the military have the Shoalwater Bay area shut off to boats as they are conducting exercises there, including live firing. That means we have to avoid the whole area and basically sail 70 odd mile to get from the Keppel’s the High Peak Island and then on to the Percy’s and then the Whitsundays. We are planning to try and get to Airlie Beach around the 17th and catch up with our good friends the Mendham’s who are currently in the middle of a six week adventure to Cook Town and back to Noosa with their family. Hopefully we can catch up with them and take them for a sail in the Whitsundays and share some stories and a couple of cool drinks. 

Anyway, I better go and watch the sunset as like the last couple of weeks it is looking truly magnificent. It’s a tough life this sailing!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Adam says:

    Hi Guys

    We met you on Great Keppel Island (Myself, Ruth, our two girls (Mikah & Neve) and our my in-laws, Pam & Colin – on Akuna Matata)).

    Adam & Jo, I hope you are still enjoying the good life and have enjoyed a couple more sundowners around a beach fire. We are only just starting to get some good weather here in Sydney. I have now been given the call up for the return sail, so I may do the Coffs-Sydney leg to bring the boat home.

    Although our adventure ends, may you have many great days ahead of you.
    Lauren I am looking forward to seeing the doci=umentary when done! Please let me know how you go with it.

    PS: Mac, it took days before Mikah would stop looking fpr you!

    All the best.


    • smith says:

      Hi Adam and Ruth,
      Thanks for the post on or site and sorry we have not replied sooner. We have been at Lizard Island (100 Naut Miles north of Port Douglas) and have had very poor internet reception. We have been having a great time, snorkelling, fishing, swiming and the odd sundowners. We have met some fantastic people along the way. I will let the kids know that you siad hi and I am sure that if Laurens doco gets taken up we will let every one know. We are in the marina at port douglas at the moment and will be heading south some time this week. It ws lovely to meet you all and if we get down to Sydney we will let you know and catch up for a cool drink. Tell Mikah that Mac says hi.
      Enjoy the sail down from Coffs and stay safe.
      Happy sailing,

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