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Fun things I’ve done the past three weeks


  • I Climbed in a hammock up in a tree that some old yachties had made!
  • We met Robert and Linda, lovely people from America
  • I went around in our little rubber duck and invited everyone for sundowners and a fire on the beach.
  • Caught up with people we have met on our trip
  • We night sailed to the Percy’s  Islands, at the bottom end of the Whitsundays! It was pretty rough!!

At the Percy’s

  • Caught 7 fish and ate 5 of them 

Went to Scawfell  Island and stayed two days, it was very windy and rainy and the island was covered in a huge cloud most of the time!  Our anchor slipped in the middle of the night because of a big storm, but I slept through the whole thing.!!!

At Goldsmith Island

  • Saw a house on the island
  • I sat on a huge rock
  • Collected heaps of shells

Went to Shaw island which is opposite Lindeman Island and stayed one night.

Then we went to Abel point Marina and caught up with some friends, the Mendham’s from Noosa, finally some kids to play with!!!!!!

The next day we took them to Cid harbour and anchored for the night.

In the morning we headed out to Whitehaven beach, when we got there it was soooo amazing we felt the sand and it was soooo powdery I have never felt sand like that before. We played in the Sand Dunes.

We spent a couple of days there because it was soooo beautiful. 

We went for a long walk, we played footie and cricket on the beach, it was soooo fun.  We Wake boarded on the flat shiny water at Whitehaven Beach and jumped off the Targa, much to mums disgrace!!  Then we all swang around the mast it was really fun..

After three days at Whitehaven we sailed to Hamilton Island and stayed there for three days.  Trent and I scootered around the island checking everything out!! Oh and the pies from the bakery were pretty good too!!!

We then sailed to Airlie Beach and I stayed in the Big 4 Caravan Park where Trent Mendham and his family were staying.  We played on this huge jumping cushion and met these boys from France that could do seven back flips in a row! I could only do one back flip!  My muscles were so sore in the morning.

Bye for now


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  1. Lily Carey says:

    hey mac,
    all those things that you have done sound very exciting and i wish i could do them instead of being at home all day this holidays! i hope your having a good time and im sure youll be back soon!! SEE YA!! from Lily :) :)

    • smith says:

      hey lily, yeah its been really fun, i cant what to see all you guys back in noosa. say hi to them all for me.
      hope to see you soon. mac

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