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A time line of our Journey so far:  

!6th May 2011 – Moored at Sanctuary Cove in front of brother Jason’s House.

!8th May 2011 – Moored at Tipplers Resort, South Stradbroke Island

19th May 2011 – Moored at Russell Island before power lines waiting for tide.

20th May 2011 – Moored at Bongaree on public jetty at Bribie Island

21st May 2011 – Moored at Mooloolaba Marina

22nd May  2011 – Crossed Noosa Bar and moored in Noosa Woods

22nd May  to  30th May 2001 – moored in Noosa Woods

31st May 2011 – crossed Wide Bay Bar and moored at Tin Can Bay

!st June 2011 – Moored at King Fisher Bay Resort Fraser Island

2nd June 2011 – Moored King Fisher Bay Resort Fraser Island

3rd June 2011 – Moored Platypus Bay Fraser Island

4th June 2011 – Moored Wathumba Creek, Fraser Island

5th June 2011 – Moored Wathumba Creek, Fraser Island

6th June 2011 – Moored Sandy Cape top end of Fraser Island

7th June 2011 – Arrived Bundaberg and docked at Port of Bundaberg Marina

8th June to 20th June 2011 – moored at Bundaberg Marina waiting parts for repairs

21st June 2011 – Lady Musgrave Island and reef

22nd June to 26th June 2011 – Moored in beautiful Pancake Creek

27th June to 29th June 2011 – Moored at Gladstone Marina

30th June 2011 – Moored in the Narrows awaiting high tide for cattle crossing

1st July to 6th July 2011 – Moored Great Keppel Island

7th July to 8th July 2011 – Moored at Rosslyn Bay Marina re stocking – Lauren flies out to Gold Coast for a wedding.

9th July to 12th July 2011 – Moored at Great Keppel Island

13th July 2011 – OUR FIRST NIGHT SAIL 18 hours The Keppel’s to The Percy’s

14th July 2011 – Moored North West Island part of the Percy Island Group

15th July 2011 – Moored Scawfell Island (raining and stormy)

16th July 2011 – Scawfell Island the beginning of the Whitsunday Islands

17th July 2011 – Moored at Goldsmith Island

18th July 2011 – Moored at Burning Point,  Shaw Island

19th July 2011 – Arrived Abel Point Marina, Airlie Beach.

20th July 2011 – Sailed to Cid Harbour on Whitsunday Island (with friends in tow, The Mendhams from Noosa)

21st July to 23rd July 2011 – Moored off beautiful Whitehaven Beach

24th July to 26th July 2011 – Moored at Hamilton Island and enjoyed the resort.

27th July to 28th July 2011 – Back to Abel Point Marina and farewell to the Mendham family.

29th July 2011 – Moored in Pioneer Bay Airlie Beach and visited the markets

30th July 2011 – Dropped anchor at Nara Inlet, Hook Island

31st July 2011 – Sailed to Glouchester Passage, Mooring behind Shag Islet

1st August to 2nd August 2011 – Moored at Montes Reef Resort Glouchester Passage, very beautiful place.


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