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Hello readers,


Sorry I have been slack with blogs recently.

About three weeks ago I flew out of Rockhampton airport and arrived in Brisbane airport where Dave was waiting to pick me up and take me to the Gold Coast. We were invited to one of his school friends’ weddings the next weekend. It was a really great two weeks on the Gold Coast, I really enjoyed catching up with my friend Amelia, Going shopping, watching movies and baking :D

While Dave was at work, I also spent a lot of time with his brother, Bucky which was great, we watched a “Heroes” marathon and hung out with his friends. After the wedding and catching up with friends I visited my Grandparents and also my Aunty and Uncle.  And they asked all about the trip and the doco.

David drove me to Brisbane airport and I flew back to meet Mum and Dad in Hamilton Island. Turns out we had a family staying aboard with us. Nicky and Jamie and their three kids, Hamish, Monique and Trent. So I had been kicked out of my room and had to sleep with Monique in Mac’s bed, haha.


From there we spent a few days exploring the resort and the island, and having a few Drinks in the yacht club before heading to Airlie beach to drop our friends back to their Caravan. We visited the Caravan park and farewelled them as they drove away to continue their own adventure.


Mum and Dad said the next few days they would show me around the Whitsundays, because they had already spent a week there before I arrived.

But they ended up deciding to head north to Townsville first and stay longer when we come back through the Whitsundays on our way South.



So now your pretty up-to-date we are currently moored offMagnetic Island after spending two days in Townsville Re-Stocking the boat and going to local markets. We met up with some

friends and had sundowners on their boat. Then last night we had a party on our boat with 22 people including us! It was awesome, we met some new friends including  Crissy a French girl whom I became good friends with.

Today we are going to explore Magnetic Island and maybe snorkel if it’s warm enough.  Ill keep you updated on what happens next J

Bye bye for now xx


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