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Good afternoon  :)


The last few weeks have been very exciting.

We have made lots of new friends in Townsville and at magnetic island, we had a party and drank cocktails.

We went bush walking to the Forts on magnetic island, and I filmed the walk for the documentary, the views were amazing.

We also spent a lot of time collecting some amazing shells!



We went to the markets at  Townsville and Mac busked and made almost $40!

From Townsville and magnetic island we headed north to Orpheus Island where Mac and I used the GoPro camera to film some beautiful coral, we planned to snorkel the next day but the wind turned up and it was not so pleasant anymore.


Along our next part of the trip we caught 4 Spotted Mackerels! Whilst trawling on our  way to Hinchinbrook. We had Mackerel grilled, battered and raw over the next few days.               And I discovered that I LOVE mackerel SUSHIMI! Dad Created a Dipping sauce made of, Soy Sauce, Lemon juice, Wassabi and Chilli. It was DELICIOUS!

We spent a day at dunk Island and explored the resort which was destroyed  by cyclone YASI. It was devastating how badly damaged the island is, the roof of some apartments is completely blown off and all the glass windows smashed. The pool is full of sand and the fans had spun so fast they shot off in all directions!

We will have to stay where we are at the moment which is Mourilyan Harbour, there is a high wind warning for the next few days and so we will have to stay put. Its not to bad here. Last night Mum Caught a Fork Tail Catfish


that was HUGE! Dad spent half an hour of more trying to reel it in, for a while we thought it was a shark or a Croc! We Finally reeled it in and had it for tea last night. It was Delicious!!

We also just caught a mud crab! So we are hoping to catch some more for dinner tonight.



That’s all for now, hope your having as much fun as we are!!








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