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HI all,

Well as Lauren has already blogged, we have had a busy couple of weeks from leaving the Whitsunday’s, and getting to Townsville and Magnetic Island. Both places we really enjoyed, the Strand area of Townsville was fantastic; lovely walks along the foreshore, and plenty of activity. Beautiful gardens right near the Marina that is set up as a memorial for all those that fought and especially the  people of our armed forces that died protecting our country and our way of life. It is a great place to spend some time and reflect on just how lucky we are to be living in the Australia that we have!!! We also spent some time looking at the forts on Magnetic Island, again a great reminder of how close the war got to our shores. Seeing the gun stations that sit high on the hills of Magnetic Island was certainly for me one of the highlights of the trip so far.  

We can’t wait to get onto the net and find some more information about the troops’ that where stationed there and hopefully some old photos to see what it looked like all those years ago.  I am sure it will end up as part of Lauren’s Doco. We left Maggie last Wednesday and sailed around Hinchinbrook Island with a couple of stops along the way. The best being a night at Little Pioneer Bay on Orpheus Island. It was a Marine National Park so no fishing, but the coral was probably the best that we have seen and the site of a mother Humpback and her calf playing near the rock wall as the sun was setting was something that we will all remember for a long time to come.

Gun Placement on Magnetic IslandIt is now Tuesday the 23rd of August and we are still in the relative comfort and safety of Mourilyan Harbour that is about 20 nautical miles (37km) north of Dunk Island and 45 Nautical miles (83 km) south of Cairns.  It is still to wild outside the harbour to venture and further north, so we will have another look at the weather this afternoon and see what tomorrow will bring? I think that we will probably be here until Thursday at least!! The harbour here has little to offer in the way of niceties, there are no shops to speak of, no beach to walk on and it is difficult to get to shore. And there are crocs here as well, a real fun place to be moored with 3 kids. But it is a haven from the 25-30 knot south east wind that is whipping up the swell out side!!  So we are glad we are here. There is about 5 or 6 other cruising boats stuck in here with us including another Cat from Noosa that happens the have Macs 2 grade teacher Mrs Armstrong from Good Shepherd College and her family aboard we had drinks on their boat “Spirited Away” yesterday arvo and it is our turn tonight so life is still bearable her in north Qld.

Cairns is next and we are hopfully going to catch up with some friends from the Gold Coast Errol and Lanie and their son Luke for lunch and a beer then onto Port Douglas for a bit of a look!

Then I guess we better start heading south????????????????


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  1. Meredith & Alan says:

    Great to hear yo’re finding interesting places. We were also in the marina on Thursday 25th. No escape from that wind otherwise! We’re still circling the Whitsundays as family are due soon.
    Have fun & we all hope for those northerlies to go south!
    Meredith & Alan
    Free Spirit

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