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Hello everyone, well its certainly been a wonderful trip up the east coast of Australia, and we have had some of the most amazing experiences.  We have reached Port Douglas and are taking the chance to explore the Daintree World Heritage rainforests and Cooktown for the next week or so.

It’s really difficult to describe the beauty of this place and the feeling of complete appreciation of our beautiful country.  We have been able to share our journey with some wonderful people, some of whom are our fellow Aussie sailors and others from Canada, the United States and Denmark. One of the most special things about sailing is that it opens up a whole new world of experiences, that we could never have imagined experiencing. Meeting truly inspiring, generous, funny and talented people all with their own story to share and learn and grow from.

Lauren, Mackenzie and Sam have had the chance to sing and play music, celebrate and learn different cultures and share their discoveries, talents and their culture.  Last Friday night was an amazing mixture of cultures when we invited the 8 crew members from SV Orbit a Danish vessel travelling the East Coast following Captain Cooks journey on the Endeavour in 1770.  We all shared a classic Australian sausage sizzle and shared stories, sang many a tune and joined in an enthusiastic and emotional rendition of “ Waltzing Matilda”.

The music and the friendship and merriment created such a feeling of warmth and genuine appreciation of life and how lucky we are to live in a world where happiness and friendship abounds.  That’s why this journey is so important! It has shown us that life really is special and to live it and breathe it and to take the time to get to know the people that you meet, you may just be surprised by the gifts others can give you!!!

Thank you SV Orbit, Captain Charlie and Sven, Barbara, Tom, Kirsten and all the crew, for showing us a little bit of Denmark and a lot about human spirit!!!!!!


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  1. Miranda-bub says:

    Hello there, sea pirates!!! Its been a long time since we chated/emailed. Life sounds good for you all and Im so happy for you and cant wait to hear more of your adventures and experiences. Before I forget:HAPPY 21st for SAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope he has agreat day full of cuddles, a few beers and great company. Love you all, take care…Love Miranda-bub and family…xxxxx

  2. Haley Ellen Cameron says:

    Hello there sailors. So happy to hear your having an awesome time.
    So deliciously captiviating to hear about the on going adventures. stay safe – Love Haley Pete and Kids.

  3. Barbara Lees says:

    Dear Sommerset Cat Family
    Thanks so much
    for tender stories and big smiles.
    for soft tasty sushi and glasses and smiles.
    for the songs I did not hear and the ones I only guessed.
    for the words and stories and hugs and smiles.
    for being there – just there – at that time and smiles.

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