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Yes I am sure that plenty of people will be surprised to hear that we are this far north, but as we have learnt over the last 10 months sailing. You can never say never!. As most of you know our original plan was to go as far a Townsville and Magnetic Island and then turn around and head south, we must have taken a wrong turn somewhere? We have just been really enjoying the warm weather and pristine waters of Far North QLD, it really has to be seen to be appreciated.  The Islands, Coral Cays and Tongue Reef off Port Douglas where by far the best snorkeling we have had on the trip that was until we got here to Lizard, it is an amazing place, calm waters in Watson’s Bay even though it is blowing 20 + knots, crystal clear waters and a white sandy beach 50 mts in front of the boat, what a place! We have only been here one day and are looking forward to exploring the island and walking up to Cook’s lockout to stand where Captain Cook stood in 1770 looking for a way to get the Endeavour out of the reef. Very cool.

Just to back track a little we had been at Port Douglas for 2 weeks with a quick trip out to Tongue Reef. We where waiting at Port for a break in the weather to head south but it just kept blowing, so we thought, do we wait here or do we head north with the wind and go to Lizard and risk getting stuck there until the northerly winds arrive? After much tooing and frowing right up until the morning of departure we decided to just go and we did! We headed off with another boat “Double Shot” a 48 Grainger with Tony and Karen and their 2 dogs onboard. We left Port Douglas and headed for Hope Island, which was around 45 miles north of Port, We had a pleasant but bit rough trip and caught only one fish a medium size Mackerel Frigate that made for great sashimi that night.  We luckily got on of the two moorings available and spent a rollie but safe night at anchor.  We left Hope at around 6.30 in the morning bound for Lizard Island which was around 65 Nautical miles to the north, again we had a fast sail with 20 knot winds right up our tail. We where trolling 3 lines two with spoons and one with a brand new lure that takes fresh bait, that I bought at a tackle shop between Cairns and Port Douglas it was my new favourite, and had caught a couple of fish already.  All was going well and then it went bad, our big hand line was busted off, rope with wire trace and it was shredded! There are big fish up here!!  Then it happened, the sound of line being taken, “slow the boat down” I yelled at Jo and the kids, as I tried to slow down the line being striped, It didn’t work, the next thing was a bang as the line broke and my brand new lure went into the great unknown, dam, fish two, Adam 0. It got worse, I landed a big Spanish, right up to the back of the boat and was just about to gaff it and it spat the lure, BUGGER! To cut a longer story short it ended up, 4 busted lines, two lost fish and one caught School Mackerel. A poor days fishing but certainly a lot of fun. We finally got to lizard around 3.30 in the afternoon and it was still blowing 20 knots as we headed into Watson’s bay. There was around 20-25 boats anchored and we slowly idled though them looking for a spot to anchor. We ended up dropping the pick in around 3 mts of water about 50-60 mts from the beach. It was very calm considering the conditions outside. After we tidied the boat up we cut up the fresh fish and had some more sashimi and a well deserved cold beer. A great end to a long but enjoyable day!! The phone and Internet reception is a bit doggy here so we will blogg when we can and let you all know about our exploration of the island.

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