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Hi everyone sorry I have not blogged in a while I have been soo busy………

We are at Lizard Island now and its soo cool, it’s really clear and we have snorkelled everyday and sometimes twice a day it’s awesome. While we were snorkelling we saw giant clams is the clam gardens some were two metres long and one metre wide

We also saw a parrotfish as big as me it was awesome. There are lots of clownfish everywhere they are very shy though so you need to look very closely, We also saw angelfish, they are quiet shy as well though.

From the back of the boat if you throw bread out batfish come and they aren’t shy at all you can pat them as the come up and get the bread or hand feed them and the best thing is they don’t have teeth so when the mistake your toe as a piece of bread it doesn’t hurt it just tickles because they suck instead of biting.

We have been on lots of walks around the island and we were going to walk to cooks lookout but the track was to rough for Sam

We saw Mary Watson’s cottage remains and her amazing story. This is the story,

In 1880 Robert Watson married Mary Phillips in Cooktown and they moved to Lizard Island to start a sea cucumber farm and in that same year theyhad a baby boy. The family lived in a stone cottage in Watson’s Bay, but what they didn’t know the native aborigines called the “Dingaal people” believed that Lizard Island was a sacred site for their ancestors. In 1881 the Dingaal people attacked Mary’s cottage spearing one of the Chinese servants and killing him while Mary, her baby son and the other Chinese servant fled the island in a sea cucumber boiling tank (that we actually saw earlier this year in the Brisbane museum).

Mr Watson was away on a hunting trip while this happened.  Sadly, Mary her baby son and the Chinese servant died of thirst on Howick No 5 Island, they were discovered three months later and buried in Cooktown.  It was very interesting seeing Mary’s Cottage 130 years later on our adventure………..

Lots more adventures at Lizard Island to come,


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