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The last three weeks have been amazing. We headed north and spent 2 weeks at lizard island. The water was crystal clear and the sand very white!  We moored right in front of the big reef, we could literally jump off the back of the boat and go snorkelling around the coral.

It was a clam garden so we saw massive clams and hundreds of fish. The reef was mostly soft corals and lots of fish, clown fish, parrot fish, cod, and even some black tipped reef sharks!!

There were about 10 to 15 bat fish that swam around the back our boat every morning and afternoon waiting for bread.

Over the two weeks at lizard we explored the island and all it’s bush walks including Captain Cooks lookout and the Blue Lagoon. We spent every day snorkelling, swimming, sunbaking, walking and relaxing. We also enjoyed eating Sushimi every night for the first few days, from the fish that we caught on the trip up.


We headed back south again on Thursday with some friends of ours on the Cat Double Shot.We had a fishing comp and spent 2 days trawling along the reef. I was in heaven those few days because we had sushimi every night! I wheeled in the biggest fish we had caught yet! A Huge Dogtooth Tuna!! And it was amazing! We also saw a huge pod of Dolphins on our way south, they played in front of the boat for ten minutes!!! about ten or so Dolphins! it was sooooooo cool! hopefully we will put up the video :)

We are now back at port Douglas and yesterday mum and dad cleaned the boat while Mac and I busked at the markets :)  We made $87.70!!! In just 2 and a half hours!! I gave it to mac Like I’d promised but he still owes me and ice-cream.

So we will be here for the next few days to re stock the boat before we head south again.

I’ll keep you updated on our next adventures :)

Lauren xxx

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