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Hi all,

Just thought that I would let you all know about a few other things that we got up to whilst we where at Lizard Island.

The main walk on the Island is the one up to Cooks Lookout, this is where  on the 12th of August (Macs Birthday) in the year 1770 James Cook climbed to the highest point of Lizard Island (he named it so because the only creatures he saw there where the large monitor lizards that inhabit the island). He climbed up there to try and find a way of getting the Endeavour safely through the outer reef. From the “lookout” he could see a gap in the reef (now named Cooks Passage).

On the day we went up although a bit hazy you could still clearly see    the reef and Cooks Passage just as it was all those years ago. It was a    very special trip, to stand where Cook stood and trying to imagine how  he felt. He certainly must have been an incredible navigator and  seaman. To be on the other side of the world with just your crew,  discovering new lands, people, flora and fauna, no GPS, no cart  plotter, Just amazing!!!!!!!!!! The walk itself is quite difficult, we tried  to get Sam up but after about 100 mts we gave up and I am glad we  did. The trip up took around an hour and a half and was tough going,  the views where fantastic and well worth the walk. The trip down although easier would have been to hard for Sam as you really had to watch where you stepped as in some places it was very steep.

The other walk that Mac and I took was the walk over to Coconut Grove, which again is a very steep walk over the ridge of the Island. Although not as long as the walk to Cooks Lookout it did have a twist at the end, you have to climb down the last 50 mts down a rock face using the ropes that are there and getting back up the same thing up the rock face using the ropes. We where glad Jo didn’t come with us, as she would have had kittens seeing us going over the edge. It was a lot of fun and the beach on the other side had heaps of things washed up on it, including around 50 thongs, (no pairs) so if you are missing a thong it may be on holiday at Lizard Island!!!!!!!!!! 

We are still at Port Douglas at the moment but will probably leave today or first thing tomorrow morning. We are just waiting for or headsail to be put back on the boat. Nothing major, the stitching on the outer sun protection layer was starting to fray so we had it restitched before it came completely apart. The next few day are going to be calm so we will spend a couple of days at the reef off Cairns and then get inside Hinchinbrook before the wind comes up again early next week.

Safe travels,



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