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Gliding through the Coral Sea,

On a reach carefully held,

The wind picks up and the sails creak,

Tighten the lines!! Winch to the right!!

Shift traveller to starboard,

Loosen the sheets, to fill the main.

Then winch them back for powerful gain..

Feel the hull move sharply through the Blue,

With tell tails flying happliy on cue.

Not a cloud in the sky and a gentle swell.

She moves with grace and all is well.

Watching for changes in the distance with care,

An island, a rock, or a sunken wreck ,a reef or a whale or a Cargo ship.

Each day changes, the journey’s never the same.

With wide eyes we travel it,

Never bored of its strength,

Careful to thank it for our generous gift.

Forever weary of its power and grace,

Respectful and in awe of its ever changing way.

Dark and mysterious, sometimes cold and angry,

Clear and bright,

Glistening, sparkeling,

Inviting and mesmerising…………….

Our trip across the sea………….

Joeylou Sept 2011


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  1. Barbara and Svend says:

    Hello Sommerset Cat
    Very nice lyrics Jo…..hope everything is well with you. We are slowly getting back to normal after ORBIT but it is difficult especially after reading about your adventure.
    Lots of love to all of you
    Barbara and Svend

    • smith says:

      Hello darling Barbara & Handsome Svend, we have had a lovely trip up to Lizard Island and back to Port Douglas, you would have loved it!! I’m glad your home safe and happy and getting back into life in Denmark. We look forward to keeping in touch and sharing our journey. Maybe you will come back to Aussie and we can have another adventure in the future. Lots of love from Jo, Adam. Sam, Lauren and Mac xxxxxx

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