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Hi all,

We are currently moored near the bluff at the southern end of Hinchinbrook Passage, it has been a pleasant enough few days in the passage, the main issue has been the bloody marsh flies. They are horrendous, lots of them and they are ferocious. We would have killed 500 or more of them today alone. The passage itself is very beautiful with calm waters and rugged mountains as a background. We have caught a couple of fish and a good feed of muddies so not all bad.

Tomorrow morning we will hopefully leave the passage and sail around Hinchinbrook and head for Zoe Bay. It is a bay on the ocean side of Hinchinbrook Island, with a walk up to a waterfall and rock pools. We are all looking forward to a swim, the other problem besides the marsh flies is the fact that it is very hot here during the day and we can not swim because of the crocks!! From there we will probably head to Orpheaus Island for the night and then head south towards Townsville on Thursday.

Take care and stay safe,


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  1. Maye Ellaway says:

    Hey Mac your pics are awesome. My mum was wondering if your brother Sam did sign language or anything because she owns a business in victoria that hires people to take care of her clients which are disabled. And my brother has apraxia but he is learning to speck and stuff very slowly. Like he is 4 but his brain has only developed to a 3 year old. I am so jealous of your sailing and our boat is really big. I’ll Skype you often when you leave a lot so I can get updates. Lol ????

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