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Hi everyone we have just night sailed from Magnetic island, Nelly bay to Gloucester passage and everyone is exhausted so here is a catch up of the last week or so. From port Douglas we made our way to Hinchinbrook.

While we were moored mum wanted to go for a drive in a little river that we were next to, on the way back the motor conked out and we had to row a kilometre to get back to the boat. And the worst thing is there is CROCODILES but we did not see any thankfully. The next mooring we went to we caught three mud crabs and a fish.

From Hinchinbrook we headed to Orpheus Island. At Orpheus we made a aboriginal hut out of palm frong’s an it was really cool.                                                                                                                     

The next day we headed to palm island, we snorkelled there and saw a huge crayfish we did not catch it though.

From palm we headed to magnetic and thats it

That’s all for now, mac


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