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Hi All,

As Mac mentioned, we left Magnetic Island last Saturday afternoon and sailed overnight down to Gloucester Passage which is at the top of the Whitsundays. We stayed there Sunday night and on Monday headed down to Woodwark Bay which is around 5 miles north of Airlie Beach. We headed there because there was a strong wind warning current and we where expecting 30+ knot wind for the next few days. We anchored as close to shore as depth would allow and put out plenty of chain. Although it was pretty windy we remained safely anchored. After three nights there we where all starting to get a bit bored so we decided to head down to Airlie and anchor there and ride out the rest of the week of high winds. It has been pretty good hear a bit windy and a few days of rain, but we cant complain as we have had 4 months of great weather. The girls have been to the shops and we have been able to get to shore every day. Mac and Lauren busked yesterday and made a bit of cash so they are happy. Laurens boyfreind Dave is flying into Hamilton Island next Wednsday s we will re provision the boat in the next couple of days and then head out to Hamo to pick him up. Our plan then is to spend some time here in the Whitsundays and hopefully out on the reef, we will then start heading further south. Hopfully the weather comes good and we see the whitsundays at their best.

Safe travells,


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