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Hinchinbrook passage was less exciting than we had hoped.

We caught only three crabs, all small and saw no crocodiles!!! The marsh flies were horrendous and to top it off.. the Rubber Duck motor broke when we were still half an hours paddle from the boat.

We decided that one day it was nice enough to head around to the other side of Hinchinbrook to Zoe Bay. We had an interesting sail over, there was a heavy fog for nearly the whole 2 hour trip and we could only see up to 50 meters in front or behind us at any one time. We were all on guard, watching for markers and other boats.

We came to Zoe bay, anchored the boat and headed up the bush track in search of a waterfall we had been told is on the island.

After a good half an hour walk we found it… A Beautiful freshwater lagoon and waterfall. The water was crystal clear and the lagoon was so deep it looked bottomless. We stripped off (luckily we wore our swimmers) and Dad dived in first with Mac and I

following close behind. Mum settled Sam on a rock with his legs in the water and then joined us. The water was nice and cold and the fish seemed pretty friendly, following us around. We took lots of photos and even tried to scale the waterfall…. Without success haha. Turns out there weren’t many ledges and it was all covered in slippery moss…

We were reluctant to leave after only half and hour but the tide had changed and soon the boat would be beached if we didn’t move quickly.

Loads more adventures to come!

xox Lauren

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