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The past week has been amazing!

We picked David up from the airport at 2pm on the 26th of October and then hopped straight on the boat and sailed to Whitehaven Beach. We spent the afternoon catching up and having  a few drinks ;) (Lychee Juice and Quantro) yummmmm. it was great being with David again, I have missed him like crazy the last few months.

The next day we sailed to Hewit Reef, Dave hadn’t been to the great barrier reef before, so he was loving it! The water was beautiful and the coral was really pretty. We were travelling with some Friends, Karen and Tony from “Double Shot” and Tony took us Crayfish hunting! Within an hour I had found 3 crayfish and Dave and Mac found a few as well, all together we speared 5 Crayfish!

Tony was headed back to the boat when I spotted another crayfish! So I called Dave and he went down to spear it, Mac came over and dived under! Next thing you know the crayfish is being pulled out of the hole by two spears! Good team work guys!! And they were yummy too! Especially with garlic!

We headed to another reef the next morning and whilst trawling caught a MASSIVE Big Eye Tuna! Almost a metre long and took 20 minutes to land!

We had Sushimi for afternoon tea and Dave loved it almost as much as me!!! After spending another day at the reef we then sailed back to Whitehaven and stayed for a few days in Hill Inlet. David and I set up a tent and camped out on the beach under the stars, he even shot a night sky time-lapse off the beach, you can see all the stars moving in the sky. We went kayaking and swimming and crabbing. We did the walk to the top of the mountain to see the view, and boy was it beautiful… A picture just doesn’t justify the colours and the feeling of standing there looking over the Whitsundays.


We have spend the last 2 days at Hamilton island, swimming in the resort pool and drinking cocktails. David and I went out for dinner and then mum and dad went out to the bar… coming home in the early morning and brining with them some Hamilton island staff for a mini party on the boat. (while we were trying to sleep) They now both have hang overs and dad is sailing to airlie beach.

It is my birthday tomorrow and I have a feeling noone has bought me my presents yet, except David. Haha so I guess we will see.

We will head to the markets tomorrow morning to busk and after that I don’t know what they have planned. But im sure we will have fun J

Lauren (last day as a Teenager) :S



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  1. Nikki says:

    happy birthday lol, we love reading all your posts and seeing where you guys are & what your all up to. livin the dream…….take care & love to all “The Mendhams”

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